Who Really Won in Israel

A Palestinian girl studies by candlelight during a power outage in Gaza, Nov. 13, 2008. (photo by REUTERS/Ismail Zaydah)

Gaza Students Prepare for Finals Without Electricity

Friday, Jun. 21, 2013 | Mohammed Suliman, Contributor

High schools students in Gaza are struggling to study for their finals exams due to continued electricity outages and sweltering heat.

International Law Is Key to Israeli-Palestinian Solution

Friday, Apr. 5, 2013 | Clovis Maksoud, Contributor

If Secretary of State John Kerry cannot get Israel to acknowledge that it is an occupying power in the Palestinian territories, then his visit is an exercise in futility.

Yair Lapid: As Israeli as You Can Get

Friday, Jan. 25, 2013 | Ben Caspit, Columnist

Ben Caspit writes that Yair Lapid, the biggest winner of the elections, owes his success to the fact that he represents for many the "ultimate Israeli."

Meretz Leader Pledges Feisty Opposition to Netanyahu

Friday, Jan. 25, 2013 | Akiva Eldar, Columnist

Akiva Eldar talks to Meretz leader Zehava Gal-On, who pledges to mount a strong opposition, but admits that she sometimes wishes to work in the government.

Palestinians in Gaza See Little Difference in Israeli Parties

Friday, Jan. 25, 2013 | Mohammed Suliman, Contributor

As far as Palestinians in Gaza are concerned, the results of Israel's elections will produce the same outcome for them, irrespective of the winner, Mohammed Suliman writes.

Lapid Debunks Five Myths About Israeli Elections

Friday, Jan. 25, 2013 | Mazal Mualem, Columnist

Mazal Mualem reviews five lessons learned from the Israeli elections.

Israeli Election Boycott by Arabs a Vote Against Own MKs

Friday, Jan. 25, 2013 | Shlomi Eldar, Columnist

The Israeli Arabs' abstention from voting expressed a much more profound disappointment in their own Knesset members than in the Israeli electoral system, writes Shlomi Eldar.

Prospects for Negotiations After the Israeli Elections

Thursday, Jan. 24, 2013 | Adnan Abu Amer, Contributor

An analysis of the prospects for Israeli-Palestinian negotiations after the elections.

Israel's Election Results: Mirage or Reality?

Thursday, Jan. 24, 2013 | Clovis Maksoud, Contributor

Clovis Maksoud examines the results of the Israeli elections and calls for Palestinian unity.

Palestinians Smiling, If Unsure, About Israeli Election Results

Wednesday, Jan. 23, 2013 | Daoud Kuttab, Columnist

Daoud Kuttab assesses the mixed reactions of Palestinians to the Israeli elections.

What Was the Israeli Election Really About?

Wednesday, Jan. 23, 2013 | Akiva Eldar, Columnist

Akiva Eldar breaks down the meaning of Israel's election results and finds both a crisis of leadership and a crisis of faith in democracy.

Bibi, King of Swing!

Tuesday, Jan. 22, 2013 | Ben Caspit, Columnist

Some parts of the press dubbed him King Bibi, but these elections are a resounding vote of no-confidence against Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, writes Ben Caspit.

The Israeli Elections in the Land of the Israeli Voter

Tuesday, Jan. 22, 2013 | B. Caspit, S. Eldar, A. Eldar, M. Mualem

From soccer stands to upscale Tel Aviv, our Israel Pulse columnists went into the field to talk to voters: Ben Caspit from Bloomfield Stadium in Jaffa on "The Political Soccer Match of All Time;" Shlomi Eldar from Umm al-Fahm on "Apathy and Alienation on the Arab Street;" Akiva Eldar from Netanya on "The New Immigrant Vote;" and Mazal Mualem from "The Tel Aviv Bubble."

Israel's Elections Linked to Its Arab Policies

Tuesday, Jan. 22, 2013 | Jean Aziz, Columnist

Historically, there has been a close relationship between Knesset elections and the way in which Israel has conducted its regional foreign policy towards the Arabs, writes Jean Aziz.

Lebanon Analysis of Israel Highlights Rewards, Risks

Tuesday, Jan. 22, 2013 | Nasser Chararah, Contributor

The Israeli elections hint at potential for cooperation in the gas sector but also problems, writes Nasser Chararah.

The Unnatural Alliance of Likud-Beiteinu

Tuesday, Jan. 22, 2013 | Lily Galili, Contributor

The merger of the Likud and Yisrael Beiteinu parties seems an uneasy fit, writes Lily Galili.

After the Israeli Elections, the Need for a Peace Process

Tuesday, Jan. 22, 2013 | Nassif Hitti, Contributor

Nassif Hitti considers the prospects for a new approach to the Middle East after the Israeli elections.

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