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Will US-Saudi 'special relationship' last?

Friday, Apr. 8, 2016 | Fahad Nazer, Contributor

Despite what many observers see as a strain in US-Saudi relations over very different if not completely opposite foreign policy postures, the two countries' shared interests remain a firm and unchanging foundation for their cooperation.

Saudi Arabia tilts toward India

Wednesday, Apr. 6, 2016 | Bruce Riedel, Columnist

Pakistan, after refusing to supply troops for Saudi Arabia's war against Yemen, finds the Gulf kingdom improving relations with Pakistani archenemy India.

Welcome to one of the most exotic islands in the world

Sunday, Apr. 3, 2016 | Ashraf al-Falahi, Contributor

Socotra, a Yemeni island in the Indian Ocean known for its vast biodiversity, seeks to regain its strategic role to support the country’s economy.

How united is the GCC?

Friday, Apr. 1, 2016 | Madawi Al-Rasheed, Columnist

While Gulf states may all be united under the Gulf Cooperation Council name, their individual policies on foreign intervention vary greatly.

What Saudi Arabia is doing to save water

Monday, Apr. 4, 2016 | Rami Khrais, Contributor

Saudi Arabia’s self-sufficiency policy has led to the overconsumption of water, a resource that Saudi Arabia critically needs.

How far will the Saudis go against Hezbollah?

Friday, Mar. 11, 2016 | Ibrahim al-Hatlani, Contributor

With Saudi Arabia labeling Hezbollah a terrorist organization, a decision that was endorsed by the GCC, the kingdom hopes to legally pursue the Lebanese movement in international forums.

Death, starvation haunt southern Yemen

Tuesday, Feb. 23, 2016 | Ashraf al-Falahi, Contributor

The catastrophic humanitarian situation in Yemen’s besieged Taiz calls for immediate action to lift the siege that has strangled the city for almost a year.

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