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How Yemen’s war is now threatening international trade

Thursday, Oct. 20, 2016 | Amal Nasser, Contributor

The recent attacks on vessels in the Red Sea by Yemen's Houthis and the United States threaten international trade along this route.

Will Obama push for Yemen cease-fire?

Thursday, Oct. 13, 2016 | Bruce Riedel, Columnist

The United States, which fired cruise missiles at rebel radar sites in Yemen on Oct. 13 after missiles were fired at a US warship, needs to push for an immediate cessation of hostilities in Yemen before things get even more out of hand.

Will next US president shift Washington's Yemen policy?

Tuesday, Sep. 27, 2016 | Giorgio Cafiero, Contributor

To be seen as a legitimate peace broker, the United States must urge all sides in the Yemeni civil war to make necessary compromises.

Riyadh's bold gamble

Tuesday, Sep. 20, 2016 | Bruce Riedel, Columnist

King Salman's costly foreign adventures and high-risk interventions are a significant departure from past Saudi foreign policy.

Meet the likely successor of Islamic State’s Baghdadi

Wednesday, Sep. 14, 2016 | Giorgio Cafiero, Contributor

After IS spokesman and second-in-command Abu Mohamed al-Adnani was killed in an airstrike last month, there are indications that Bahraini citizen Turki al-Binali may replace him.

Middle East Lobbying: Yemen

Tuesday, Sep. 13, 2016 | Julian Pecquet, Congressional Correspondent, Congress / Mideast

Yemen turns over its Washington lobbying to Saudi Arabia.

Middle East Lobbying: Oman

Monday, Sep. 12, 2016 | Julian Pecquet, Congressional Correspondent, Congress / Mideast

The diplomatic breakthrough that brought Iran and the United States closer together last year after decades of enmity may never have happened without the mediation of a sparsely populated desert monarchy: Oman.

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