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US President Donald Trump (C) escorts Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu into the White House, Feb. 15, 2017. (crédit photo:  REUTERS/Kevin Lamarque)

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Trump’s Mideast envoys moving to next phase

dimanche, août. 20, 2017 | Uri Savir, Columnist

With President Donald Trump and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu entangled in domestic scandals, a dramatic launching of a peace process might serve them well in terms of media coverage.

Israel, Palestinians anticipate return of the generals

dimanche, août. 13, 2017 | Uri Savir, Columnist

The Israeli and the Palestinian political systems are preparing for the post-Netanyahu and post-Abbas periods, when security challenges will only increase.

Palestinians warn Abbas could dismantle PA in 2018

dimanche, août. 6, 2017 | Uri Savir, Columnist

Palestinians warn that President Mahmoud Abbas might decide at the beginning of 2018 to dismantle the Palestinian Authority and cancel the Oslo Accord.

The EU, headed by France and Germany, could replace US on Mideast

dimanche, juil.. 30, 2017 | Uri Savir, Columnist

With US President Donald Trump largely working solo on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, the EU is preparing its own initiative, which might be launched next fall.

Palestinians, Israelis disappointed over US envoy's talks

dimanche, juil.. 23, 2017 | Uri Savir, Columnist

The Palestinian leadership believes that much of the Trump administration’s efforts on the Israeli-Palestinian issue are focused on economic confidence-building measures, not advancing the two-state solution.

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Uri Savir

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Uri Savir has spent his professional life working on the strategies of peacemaking in Israel. In 1996, he established the Peres Center for Peace and is currently the center's honorary president. In 2011, Savir founded the YaLa Young Leaders online peace movement. On Twitter: @Uri_Savir

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