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Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas attends a press conference with German Chancellor Angela Merkel, Berlin, Germany, April 19, 2016. (crédit photo:  Thaer Ghanaim/PPO via Getty Images)

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Abbas eyes Merkel as Plan B if Trump fails on Mideast peace

dimanche, juin. 18, 2017 | Uri Savir, Columnist

Should President Donald Trump fail to deliver his ultimate regional deal, the Palestinians could opt for German Chancellor Angela Merkel to take the lead on relaunching peace talks with Israel.

Trump’s 7 guidelines for relaunching Israeli-Palestinian talks

dimanche, juin. 11, 2017 | Uri Savir, Columnist

Instead of specific terms of reference, US President Donald Trump is reshaping rather vague guideline principles, creating a symmetry between Israeli and Palestinian interests.

The reason Trump’s regional visit raised Israeli concerns

dimanche, juin. 4, 2017 | Uri Savir, Columnist

Contrary to public impression, Israeli political and security establishments were actually worried over US President Donald Trump’s regional visit, especially over his positive impressions of the Saudi leadership.

Europe, France plan active Middle East policy

dimanche, mai. 28, 2017 | Uri Savir, Columnist

Newly elected French President Emmanuel Macron wants France to take a central role in international diplomacy and in resolving the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Who expects more of Trump visit, Israelis or Palestinians?

dimanche, mai. 21, 2017 | Uri Savir, Columnist

During Donald Trump’s visit, Israel wants him to realize wide right-wing objection to the two-state solution, while Palestinians expect that Trump would agree to launch shuttle diplomacy toward negotiations.

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Uri Savir

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Uri Savir has spent his professional life working on the strategies of peacemaking in Israel. In 1996, he established the Peres Center for Peace and is currently the center's honorary president. In 2011, Savir founded the YaLa Young Leaders online peace movement. On Twitter: @Uri_Savir

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