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Gaza University to launch first film major in Palestine

A group of Palestinians who hold art degrees from Egypt are behind the first film studies major set to start by early 2017 at Gaza University, raising the hopes of many aspiring students.
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 Ahmad Abu Amer for Al-Monitor Palestine Pulse on October 23

Syrian regime promotes another image of the war-torn country

The Syrian state media has been promoting a false image of the country and its capital, spreading images of untouched cities and holding entertainment events, while the war rages on in the opposition areas.
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Mustafa al-Haj for Al-Monitor Syria Pulse on October 21

Welcome to Gaza's first deer farm

A Palestinian citizen from the town of Khan Yunis in the Gaza Strip has started raising deer in his garden that already holds rare birds, with the hope of someday turning the farm into a public zoo.
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 Iyad Qatrawi for Al-Monitor Palestine Pulse on October 23

Why the March of Hope inspired few Israeli politicians

Many Israeli politicians chose to ignore the March of Hope for fear of being branded "leftist," although participants spanned the spectrum.
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 Mazal Mualem for Al-Monitor on October 21

Gaza agriculture on brink of collapse

With new Israeli encroachment in the name of security and restrictions on the importation of chemicals and fertilizers, even more of Gaza's farmers are being forced to abandon their lands despite a near-total lack of other employment options.
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 Shlomi Eldar for Al-Monitor on October 21

Will early elections backfire on Kuwait's government?

The Kuwaiti emir's dissolution of parliament could come back to haunt the ruling family.
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 Giorgio Cafiero for Al-Monitor on October 21

Female drummers find a beat in Cairo

A duo of young Egyptian women are drumming their way across Cairo and hope to spread their art among other aspiring female musicians.
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 Menna A. Farouk for Al-Monitor on October 21

Syrian mother becomes Marvel’s latest superhero

After following the story of one Syrian woman and her five children in Madaya, ABC News teamed up with Marvel Comics to share her story in a free digital comic.
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 Brenda Stoter for Al-Monitor Syria Pulse on October 20

What Turkey's peace activists are learning from Colombia

Colombia's success in at least forging a peace agreement with guerrillas, even if it didn't survive a vote, is inspiring both hope and concern among Kurdish peace activists.
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 Pinar Tremblay for Al-Monitor on October 21

How textbooks became latest battleground of Mideast conflict

Palestinians feel that Arab official circles are neglecting their cause, as the Israeli narrative is increasingly promoted in schoolbooks.
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 Adnan Abu Amer for Al-Monitor Palestine Pulse on October 23

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