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Was wedding blast in Gaziantep revenge for IS defeats in Syria?

Some suspect the Aug. 20 suicide bombing of a Kurdish wedding party in southern Turkey was the work of the Islamic State avenging its recent losses in Syria.
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 Mahmut Bozarslan for Al-Monitor Turkey Pulse on August 26

How Palestinian youth joined Ban Ki-moon's UN expert group

Al-Monitor spoke with Hussein Murtaja from Gaza City who was selected by UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon on International Youth Day to be part of the expert advisory team for a study about youth, security and peace.
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 Moath al-Amoudi for Al-Monitor Palestine Pulse on August 26

Obstacles could impede Christ biopic's path into Egypt

Egyptian film director Ahmed Maher speaks to Al-Monitor on how he is moving ahead with his next film on Jesus Christ's infant years in Egypt.
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 Safiaa Mounir for Al-Monitor Egypt Pulse on August 25

Is Israel at fault for surging Arab crime?

Israeli security forces invest time and effort to track weapon factories in the West Bank but neglect to deal in depth with illegal weapons of Israeli Arabs.
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 Shlomi Eldar for Al-Monitor on August 25

How social networks are revolutionizing Israeli politics

Israeli political parties are losing substance and relevance while direct connections and communication between politicians and the public are growing stronger and more meaningful.
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 Mazal Mualem for Al-Monitor on August 26

Will 50 years of occupation unite Israel's peace camp?

The Israeli peace camp must rise to the challenge and craft an effective message during the 50-year celebration of Israeli occupation.
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 Akiva Eldar for Al-Monitor on August 25

Uncertain future for Syrians as EU-Lebanon migration deal looms

Increasingly harsh conditions for Syrian refugees in Lebanon may present new problems for a prospective deal with the European Union.
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 Tom Rollins for Al-Monitor on August 24

Al-Aqsa Mosque back in the eye of the storm with renewed clashes, arrests

Various minor infractions have once again increased tensions at Al-Aqsa Mosque, where Palestinians complain that restoration work has been disrupted and Israeli visitors have exceeded agreed-upon limits.
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 Daoud Kuttab for Al-Monitor on August 24

Where does tribal influence fit in Iraqi politics?

Even high-level Iraqi politicians are turning to their tribes for support in resolving political disputes, a traditional resource that finds itself at odds with democratic state-building.
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 Omar al-Jaffal for Al-Monitor Iraq Pulse on August 24

Can new 'women’s government' advance gender equality in Egypt?

The Egyptian Heritage and Traditional Arts Association has launched a “parallel government” comprising almost entirely of women in a move aimed at promoting public participation of female figures in the country.
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 Mohamed Saied for Al-Monitor Egypt Pulse on August 23

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