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Why did Erdogan's bodyguards beat up these Ecuadorian women?

No country is spared from Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s anger, not even Ecuador, raising questions about whether he can speak to unvetted audiences.
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 Pinar Tremblay for Al-Monitor on February 12

How new restrictions block Palestinian peace activists from Israel

New Israeli permit restrictions severely limit the ability of Palestinian activists to enter Israel to conduct peace-related activities.
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 Shlomi Eldar for Al-Monitor on February 12

How fighters are filtering across the Syrian-Turkish border

Turkey is handling tens of thousands of refugees trying to cross its border from Syria, but isn't sure how it will deal with the accompanying militants, their families and IS-affiliated fighters.
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 Fehim Taştekin for Al-Monitor on February 11

How one Palestinian minister is empowering women

Palestinian Minister of Women’s Affairs Haifa al-Agha speaks to Al-Monitor about her accomplishments in advocating for Palestinian women in society and her future endeavors to further empower women on social and political levels.
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 Rasha Abou Jalal for Al-Monitor Palestine Pulse on February 11

What else is going on in Netanyahu's house?

Following the court's decision in favor of Meni Naftali, the ex-employee has disclosed that there are more details yet to be revealed about the dysfunction in the prime minister's residence.
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 Mazal Mualem for Al-Monitor on February 11

Why Netanyahu pretends to care for progressive Judaism

The compromise over prayer space at the Western Wall for progressive Jews doesn't mean that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is now on their side, but that he had no choice but to make a concession to the non-Orthodox.
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 Akiva Eldar for Al-Monitor on February 11

Egyptian taxi drivers protest 'unfair competition' from Uber

Taxi drivers in Egypt say ride-sharing services Uber and Careem do not have to meet the same regulations taxis do and do not pay their fair share of taxes.
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Ahmed Ateyya for Al-Monitor Egypt Pulse on February 10

Doctors join Turkey’s ever-growing army of 'terrorists'

Turkish policemen wounded in clashes with Kurdish militants are no longer taken to civilian hospitals in Diyarbakir following claims that local Kurdish doctors collaborate with the insurgency.
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 Mahmut Bozarslan for Al-Monitor Turkey Pulse on February 10

AKP generous with lip service, but Turkish soldiers need more

Turkey's ruling Justice and Development Party is glorifying military "martyrdom" in an attempt to steer civilian-military relations into support for the government.
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 Pinar Tremblay for Al-Monitor on February 10

After 27 years, men and women will be able to pray together at Western Wall

After a long dispute, the ultra-Orthodox and progressive Judaism movements have reached a historic compromise on a mixed-gender praying space at the Western Wall.
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 Mordechai Goldman for Al-Monitor Israel Pulse on February 11

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