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Austerity for Egypt's Internet?

As social media activists in Egypt rally to demand faster and cheaper Internet services, the government of Ibrahim Mehleb asks citizens to limit their Internet consumption, a move many see as one austerity step too far.
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 Rami Galal for Al-Monitor Egypt Pulse on January 27

Yazidi girls tell of escape from IS

Yazidi girls recount their harsh ordeal and the scars remaining from being captured by Islamic State militants.
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 Fazel Hawramy for Al-Monitor Iraq Pulse on January 27

Gaza-West Bank split divides lovers

Palestinian officials, both in the Gaza Strip and the West Bank, are obstructing the union of couples who are separated by the Palestinian division.
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 Asmaa al-Ghoul for Al-Monitor on January 27

Khamenei’s message to the West

An open letter from Iran's supreme leader to Western youth is another sign of the changes afoot in Iran and a decision by the country's leadership to counter Islamophobia.
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 Ali Hashem for Al-Monitor on January 27

War on Gulenists undermines Turkish diplomacy

Ankara has canceled the authorization of 51 honorary consuls as part of its war on the Gulen movement while President Recep Tayyip Erdogan presses African governments to shut down Gulenist-founded schools.
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 Fehim Taştekin for Al-Monitor Turkey Pulse on January 26

Aleppo residents tested by snowstorm, war

The snowstorm that blanketed the Middle East added to the misery of Aleppo’s residents and refugees, as children died from a lack of power, water and heating.
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Edward Dark for Al-Monitor on January 26

Eyeing political gains, Kurds and Syriacs aim to mend old wounds

At the grass-roots level, the alliance between Kurds and the Syriac community has led to bitter divisions.
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 Susanne Güsten for Al-Monitor Turkey Pulse on January 26

An Israeli in King Arthur's court

Medieval re-enactments are catching on in Israel, including battles between knights and an annual event at the Horns of Hattin.
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 Yuval Avivi for Al-Monitor Israel Pulse on January 26

Iraqi state education increasingly religious

The state curriculum in Iraq has long been subject to sectarian, political and religious pressure, but education quality is suffering now more than ever.
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 Adnan Abu Zeed for Al-Monitor Iraq Pulse on January 27

Diyarbakir Kurds rally to show support for Prophet Muhammad

About 50,000 people took to the streets of the predominantly Kurdish city of Diyarbakir on Jan. 24, in support of the Prophet Muhammad in the biggest rally in Turkey since the Charlie Hebdo attacks.
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Fréderike Geerdink for Al-Monitor Turkey Pulse on January 25

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