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Turkey's Kurds stand with ultra-nationalists after campus murder

The murder of an ultra-nationalist college student reveals how Turkey's peace process with the Kurds and the growing Islamization of politics has impacted Turkish nationalists.
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 Pinar Tremblay for Al-Monitor Turkey Pulse on February 27

Islamic State conspiracy theories sway Iraqis

Past events in US-Iraqi relations and the prevalence of conspiracy theories spread by the media as well as politicians have led Iraqis to doubt the sincerity of the US fight against the Islamic State.
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 Shukur Khilkhal for Al-Monitor Iraq Pulse on February 27

One man's return to Gaza

In an interview with Al-Monitor, the journalist Majdi Arbid, who fled Gaza eight years ago, tells of the dire situation he encountered when he returned.
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 Shlomi Eldar for Al-Monitor on February 26

Will Israeli Jews vote for Joint List?

The predominately Arab joint list has opened a second campaign headquarters in Tel Aviv, designed to attract Jewish left-wing voters and increase the slate's visibility within Israeli society.
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 Shlomi Eldar for Al-Monitor on February 25

No justice for Turkish women who kill in self-defense

Turkish courts rarely offer leniency to women who have killed their husbands in self-defense, mostly because the women are too ashamed to recount tales of their abuse.
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 Sibel Hurtas for Al-Monitor Turkey Pulse on February 25

Female genital mutilation persists in rural Egypt

Although the practice of female genital mutilation in Egypt has decreased, the phenomenon is still omnipresent in villages, prompting civil society and the government to initiate a campaign to raise awareness.
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 Walaa Hussein for Al-Monitor Egypt Pulse on February 26

Israel struggles to stop archaeological site raids

The discovery of an ancient treasure trove of gold coins by amateur divers off the coast of Caesarea risks sparking even more the appetite of antique thieves, who cause irreversible damage to archaeological sites.
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 Yuval Avivi for Al-Monitor Israel Pulse on February 25

Iraq's corruption continues unchecked

Corruption involving public contracts has become prevalent in Iraq since 2003 and is difficult to stop because government officials are benefitting from it.
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 Wassim Bassem for Al-Monitor Iraq Pulse on February 25

IRGC to reopen its own high schools

Iran's Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps says it intends to re-engage with the high school system to train a new generation committed to its goals.
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 Saeed Aganji for Al-Monitor Iran Pulse on February 24

Turkey targets voters with government benefits

Turkey's ruling AKP government has long made a habit of spending big money on social assistance to inspire loyalty and collect votes.
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 Mehmet Cetingulec for Al-Monitor Turkey Pulse on February 24

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