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Should Saudi Arabia test Iran’s offer of diplomacy on Yemen?

Iranian officials offer diplomatic initiative and warnings on Yemen; book burning in Giza; Kremlin ignored Israeli objections on missile system sale to Iran; Russian "soft power" in the Middle East.
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 Al-Monitor Week in Review on April 26

'Unnatural' porn becomes ticket to jail in Turkey

The Constitutional Court’s decision to ban pornography featuring “unnatural sexual behavior” has confounded Turkey and provoked average people to speak out about sex.
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 Pinar Tremblay for Al-Monitor Turkey Pulse on April 24

Turkish pilgrims to Jerusalem face backlash

Turkey’s Department of Religious Affairs elicited protests from an unexpected quarter when it added Jerusalem to its Umrah pilgrimage.
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 Fehim Taştekin for Al-Monitor on April 24

Beirut's little Armenia keeps tradition alive

People of Armenian descent living in Lebanon strive to preserve their culture, working in traditional sectors and passing down their heritage to the younger generations.
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 Florence Massena for Al-Monitor Lebanon Pulse on April 24

Morocco's disappearing movie theaters

Despite booming movie production, action is needed to save what is left of the Morocco's old movie palaces.
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Translated from TelQuel (Morocco) on April 24

Ultra-Orthodox oppose conscription, not the IDF

Despite the wide ultra-Orthodox objection to their conscription into military service, attitudes vary within the sector, ranging from total rejection to support and appreciation for the IDF.
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 Mordechai Goldman for Al-Monitor Israel Pulse on April 24

Armenian genocide anniversary divides Lebanese Cabinet

Sunni and Christian factions in Lebanon are unable to agree on whether to observe the centennial of the Armenian genocide.
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 Jean Aziz for Al-Monitor on April 24

Syriacs urge Turkey to recognize massacres

Turkey’s Syriacs are for the first time holding protests to urge Ankara to acknowledge the massacres of Syriacs in 1915, which proceeded along with the mass killings of Armenians.
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 Sibel Hurtas for Al-Monitor Turkey Pulse on April 23

White House omits 'G-word'

The Obama administration speaks obliquely of the “1915 atrocities” that “extinguished” 1.5 million lives — without saying who was responsible for the killing.
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 Barbara Slavin for Al-Monitor on April 23

How the AKP subdues Turkey's universities

The new dictum in Turkish universities is not “publish or perish,” as at US universities, but “be pro-AKP or perish.”
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 Mustafa Akyol for Al-Monitor on April 23

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