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Turkish mothers take up civil disobedience

Anyone who dares protest Erdogan is branded a dangerous terrorist and subjected to cruel and unusual punishment, even elderly mothers.
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 Pinar Tremblay for Al-Monitor on May 26

Israeli lawmaker's selfie with Trump draws scorn

Knesset member Oren Hazan's selfie with President Donald Trump highlights the increasingly offensive behavior of Israel's elected officials.
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 Mazal Mualem on May 26

Egypt's journalists decry attack on free speech as 21 websites banned

Egyptian authorities have banned 21 news websites, including a prominent independent site, claiming they promote terrorism and "spread lies."
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 Shahira Amin for Al-Monitor Egypt Pulse on May 26

For now, Israel stuck paying Gaza's electric bill

With the Palestinian Authority unwilling to pay for electricity in the Gaza Strip, Israel has become solely responsible for providing electricity to Gaza free of charge.
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 Shlomi Eldar on May 26

Jerusalem Day celebrations hide sad reality

The reality of impoverished, neglected and undeveloped East Jerusalem is a far cry from the glossy image of the city presented at the celebration of 50 years of unification.
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 Mazal Mualem on May 25

Lebanon’s female graphic designers draw battle lines

Women dominate the graphic design scene in Lebanon, but their work is more valued abroad than at home.
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 Florence Massena for Al-Monitor Lebanon Pulse on May 25

Disputes over Iraq's Yazidi areas lead to fears of PMU-peshmerga clash

The Popular Mobilization Units is involved in military operations in Yazidi areas of northern Iraq, angering peshmerga, who argue that the PMU is not allowed to do so by an agreement between Erbil and Baghdad.
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 Ibrahim Malazada on May 26

Iraqi comedian gets political

By mocking outdated customs or mimicking politicians in Iraq, Ahmad Wahid is entering uncharted territories with his stand-up comedy.
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 Omar al-Jaffal on May 26

Egypt harnesses star power to fight drugs

Egypt’s Ministry of Social Solidarity is creating ads featuring young soccer stars and actors to teach young people about the dangers of drug abuse.
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 Ahmed Aleem on May 24

Empowering Egyptian women by turning homes into factories

A personal tragedy led Gamal Talaat to start a project that boosts the economic power of women and keeps the Egyptian handicrafts industry alive.
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 Youssra el-Sharkawy for Al-Monitor Egypt Pulse on May 24

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