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Congress-mandated panel accused of whitewashing Israeli discrimination against Christians

The US Commission on International Religious Freedom is under fire from one of its own.
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 Julian Pecquet for Al-Monitor on April 24

Erdogan offers 'condolences' during Armenian genocide events

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan sent a message of support to an Armenian genocide commemoration in Istanbul in a radical departure from previous government policy.
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 Amberin Zaman for Al-Monitor on April 24

How journalism became a crime in Turkey

The state's indictment against executives and journalists of Turkey’s Cumhuriyet daily constitutes an unprecedented legal scandal, indicating that criticism of the government is now considered a crime.
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 Ali Bayramoglu on April 24

The real reason behind Netanyahu's shameful silence

It took Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu four days to apologize to bereaved families over insults by Likud Knesset members.
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 Mazal Mualem on April 24

Hamas loses out as Palestinian hunger strike benefits Fatah

Hamas prisoners have chosen not to join the hunger strike led by the currently imprisoned PLO leader Marwan Barghouti, making both the PLO and Barghouti look good.
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 Daoud Kuttab for Al-Monitor on April 24

Beirut's heritage buildings threatened by urbanization

Activists in Lebanon are demanding new laws to preserve heritage buildings, as chaotic urban planning and archaic laws are leading to the disappearance of Beirut’s oldest houses.
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 Florence Massena for Al-Monitor Lebanon Pulse on April 24

Has Turkey's referendum emboldened hate?

Threats and venomous words against Turkish women have caused an uproar among citizens but haven't drawn much of a reaction from the government.
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 Pinar Tremblay for Al-Monitor on April 21

Dogs get fit at Cairo's new canine gym

Dogs owners in Cairo can take their pets to the newly opened Eastwind Training Center, to get into shape and socialize with other dogs.
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 Menna A. Farouk for Al-Monitor on April 23

Hydroponic farming finds its way to Egypt

Amid severe water shortages and concerns over pesticide use, some Egyptians are hoping to transform the country's agriculture sector by relying on hydroponics to grow healthy and pesticide-free crops.
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 Amira Sayed Ahmed for Al-Monitor on April 23

Why is Khulafa Mosque's minaret on verge of collapse?

The minaret of the historic Khulafa Mosque in Baghdad is on the verge of collapse, which may spark sectarian tension in the city.
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 Adnan Abu Zeed on April 21

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