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Nowruz becomes opportunity for dialogue in Iraq

During Nowruz this year, the Baha’i community in Iraq has launched a social dialogue initiative to establish a foundation of dialogue and coexistence in all components of society.
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 Saad Salloum for Al-Monitor Iraq Pulse on March 21

On Nowruz, massive pro-Kurdish rallies flood Turkey's Diyarbakir

Despite the wide repression their politicians have faced, Turkey's Kurds seem unintimidated as thousands gathered in Diyarbakir to celebrate Nowruz and raise their voices in defiance.
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 Amberin Zaman for Al-Monitor on March 21

European court ruling on headscarves sparks ire in Ankara

Turkey to provide legal assistance to women affected by a European ruling that allows companies to ban employees from wearing headscarves.
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 Riada Asimovic Akyol for Al-Monitor Turkey Pulse on March 21

Israeli police raid map center outside East Jerusalem

Though past Israeli ministers promised the Palestinians their Jerusalem institutions would be preserved, the venerable Orient House has been closed and the map department it once housed has been raided outside the city limits.
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 Daoud Kuttab for Al-Monitor on March 21

Killer's release highlights fragile Jordan-Israel 'cold peace'

The release of Jordanian Ahmed Daqamseh, who served 20 years in prison for killing seven Israeli schoolgirls in 1997, has split the public despite the enduring strength of its animosity for Israel.
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 Osama Al Sharif for Al-Monitor on March 20

Inside Gaza’s 'recycled library'

A group of students, in partnership with Al Nayzak Organization, helped establish a library in Gaza, made up of recycled items and used books, to encourage reading among Palestinians.
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 Ali Dolah on March 20

Are Turkey's big businesses breaking with AKP?

A businesses' commercial to celebrate International Women’s Day may be a troubling sign for the AKP and the upcoming constitutional referendum.
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 Pinar Tremblay for Al-Monitor on March 20

Ancient palace emerges from under Mosul shrine destroyed by IS

The Islamic State's destruction of the prophet Yunus' shrine in Mosul has revealed the Assyrian palace long thought to be beneath it.
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 Adnan Abu Zeed on March 20

Cairo film festival seeks to empower female filmmakers

The Cairo International Women’s Film Festival is in its 10th year and celebrates the cinematic work of Egyptian and international female filmmakers.
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 Menna A. Farouk for Al-Monitor on March 19

Will Karbala be added to list of World Heritage sites?

The council of the holy city of Karbala wants to ensure that the pre-Islamic ancient sites of the city of Karbala are added to UNESCO's list of World Heritage sites.
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 Wassim Bassem on March 17

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