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Nasser Chararah is a contributing writer for Al-Monitor's Lebanon Pulse, as well as for multiple Arab newspapers and magazines, and the author of several books on the Hezbollah-Israeli conflict. He is also the head of the Lebanese Institute for Studies and Publications and has worked for the Palestinian Research Center.

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Lebanon’s Tripoli microcosm for Syria conflict

By  Nasser Chararah | Thu, Dec 12, 2013
While Lebanon has struggled to remain neutral and uninvolved in Syria’s conflict, Tripoli has come to mirror the volatile dynamics of its larger neighbor.

Hezbollah escalates rhetoric against Riyadh

By  Nasser Chararah | Tue, Dec 10, 2013
While Hezbollah and Saudi Arabia have been at odds for months over their opposing positions in the Syrian war, Hezbollah has recently escalated its rhetoric, directly accusing Riyadh of waging open warfare against the party.

Displaced Syrians Shed Light
On Lebanon’s Internally Displaced

By  Nasser Chararah | Tue, Oct 8, 2013
The continuous flow of displaced Syrians into Lebanon throughout the civil war has served to bring attention to internally displaced Lebanese citizens, who lead similarly disaffected lives.

Terrorist Groups Exploit Palestinians
In South Lebanon

By  Nasser Chararah | Fri, Sep 20, 2013
Al-Qaeda-affiliated groups based in a neighborhood adjacent to Ein el-Hilweh refugee camp in southern Lebanon are exploiting the Palestinian refugees' dire situation to increase their support base.

Syrian Islamist Rebels Threaten
Maaloula, Christians

By  Nasser Chararah | Sun, Sep 8, 2013
The Aramaic-speaking  village of Maaloula, a symbol of religious and sectarian coexistence in Syria, has been invaded and desecrated by Islamist opposition groups.
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