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Elie Hajj writes on politics for An-Nahar (Lebanon). He previously wrote for Al-Anbaa (Kuwait) and the online paper Elaph.

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Lebanon's Latest Church-State Scuffle

By  Elie Hajj | Sun, Aug 4, 2013
In Lebanon’s complex, diverse society, religious institutions often take on vocal roles in protecting what they regard as affronts to the sanctity of their beliefs.

EU Decision Leaves Hezbollah
More Resolute Than Ever

By  Elie Hajj | Tue, Jul 30, 2013
At a critical time in Lebanese politics, the EU decision to classify Hezbollah’s military wing as a terrorist organization has reopened debate about the party’s participation in government and its right to possess arms.

Would Military Rule
Work in Lebanon?

By  Elie Hajj | Thu, Jul 4, 2013
The recent clashes with Sheikh Ahmad al-Assir and Egypt's example have renewed Lebanese pride for their military, but it seems unlikely that military rule could be successful in Lebanon.

Lebanon's Assir Gone,
But Problems Remain

By  Elie Hajj | Wed, Jun 26, 2013
While the Lebanese army has successfully booted Sheikh Ahmad al-Assir from the city of Sidon, the popular divide that allowed for his movement's growth persists.

Rethinking Hezbollah's Role in Syria

By  Elie Hajj | Tue, Jun 18, 2013
Lebanese leaders consider the consequences of Hezbollah's intervention in Syria, including the potential for chaos in Arsal and the Bekaa.
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