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Dalia Hatuqa is a contributing writer for Al-Monitor's Palestine Pulse. A print and broadcast journalist based in the West Bank, she writes about politics, the economy, culture, art and design. Her work has appeared in The Atlantic, Foreign Policy and the Christian Science Monitor, and she is a regular contributor to The Economist's Prospero blog, Al Jazeera and The National (UAE).

Articles from Contributor

Israeli, Palestinian Business Leaders Seek to Break Impasse

By  Dalia Hatuqa | Fri, May 24, 2013
A new peace initiative will be presented at the World Economic Forum in Jordan this weekend, May 24-26.

Land: The Heart of the Conflict
Between Palestine and Israel

By  Dalia Hatuqa | Wed, May 15, 2013
As Palestinians commemorate 65 years since the Nakba, the issue of land and property is still the defining aspect of the conflict.

Palestinian Non-Violence Subject
Of New Graphic Novel

By  Dalia Hatuqa | Fri, May 3, 2013
Dalia Hatuqa reviews the book based on Julia Bacha’s award-winning documentary about the story of Budrus’ nonviolent protest against the wall.

Arab League Land-Swap Offer
Angers Palestinians

By  Dalia Hatuqa | Wed, May 1, 2013
The decision by the Arab League’s Washington delegation to offer a land swap to Israel has raised the ire of Palestinians, who say the move was unauthorized, reports Dalia Hatuqa.

UNESCO to Inspect
Jerusalem’s Old City

By  Dalia Hatuqa | Thu, Apr 25, 2013
For the first time in nine years, Israel has agreed to allow the UN organization to inspect the walls of Jerusalem’s Old City, writes Dalia Hatuqa.
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