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Arash Karami is the editor of Al-Monitor's Iran Pulse and covers the Iranian media for Iran Pulse. On Twitter: @thekarami

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Iran's UN envoy pick stirs painful US memories

By  Arash Karami | Thu, Apr 17, 2014
Tehran professor and political analyst Sadegh Zibakalam has said that Iran’s nominee for UN envoy stirs memories as painful for Americans as the 1953 coup does for Iranians, but that the issue should not be allowed to derail the nuclear talks.

Iran, Azerbaijan to expand ties

By  Arash Karami | Fri, Apr 11, 2014
After several years of conflict, Iran and Azerbaijan have signed agreements to expand ties and improve relations.

Iran won’t 'confirm nor deny' Russian oil-for-goods deal

By  Arash Karami | Thu, Apr 10, 2014
The Iranian oil minister's refusal to confirm an alleged Russian oil-for-goods program has increased speculation about the controversial deal condemned by US officials.

Iran businessman’s $2 billion never blocked, say investigators

By  Arash Karami | Wed, Apr 9, 2014
Despite his claims, an Iranian investigative team has revealed that Babak Zanjani's money was never blocked in foreign banks.

Former Tehran mayor reveals why Reformists decided to support Rouhani

By  Arash Karami | Tue, Apr 8, 2014
According to the former mayor of Tehran, Iran's Reformists took the advice of prominent Reformist theoretician Saeed Hajjarian in supporting moderate Hassan Rouhani in the 2013 presidential elections.
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