Ultra-Orthodox now willing to wait tables

After years of shunning jobs like waiting tables and sales, traditionally viewed as "undignified" by the ultra-Orthodox in Israel, many members of the community who recently entered the labor market have joined the service industry.
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 Mordechai Goldman for Al-Monitor Israel Pulse on June 29

Did Khamenei demand immediate sanctions relief?

Ayatollah Ali Khamenei’s acknowledgement of the time necessary for the West to uphold its commitments gains great importance when put into the context of what he defines as “signing of the agreement.”
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 Mohammad Ali Shabani for Al-Monitor on June 26

Herzog hangs his hat on natural gas issue

During the election campaign, Zionist Camp leader Isaac Herzog concentrated on a diplomatic agenda, but now, following the electoral failure, he tries to position himself at the forefront of the natural gas debate.
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 Mazal Mualem for Al-Monitor on June 26

Aleppo's fuel prices quadruple

As the Islamic State continues to prevent the entry of fuel into rebel-held areas, all vital sectors in northern Syria are deeply affected.
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 Mohammed al-Khatieb for Al-Monitor Syria Pulse on June 25

Increased import taxes drive Gaza auto dealers around the bend

Auto dealers in the Gaza Strip are facing a double taxation policy that is slashing their profits, amid an already precarious industry and deteriorating living conditions.
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 Rasha Abou Jalal for Al-Monitor Palestine Pulse on June 28

Sense of belonging draws Palestinians to West Bank

Growing numbers of Palestinians living in Israel prefer shopping and conducting other business in the West Bank because of a sense of belonging and to bolster the economy.
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 Aziza Nofal for Al-Monitor Palestine Pulse on June 25

Amid crackdown, tunnel smuggling is risky business in Gaza

As the Egyptian army intensifies its campaign to destroy the border tunnels from southern Gaza, many still rely on smuggling goods for work, as no better jobs are available.
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 Hana Salah for Al-Monitor Palestine Pulse on June 19

Activists claim forgery in Beirut beach development plan

The planned development of the Dalieh of Raouche threatens to prevent public access to one of two remaining natural areas along Beirut's coastline.
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 Muneira Hoballah for Al-Monitor Lebanon Pulse on June 23

Israeli app security startup sold for $100 million

An American private equity firm will acquire around 70% of Israeli startup Checkmarx, which specializes in identifying security vulnerabilities in applications.
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Translated from Calcalist (Israel) on June 18

Prospects for Egyptian-Jordanian cooperation remain hazy

Since the ouster of Mohammed Morsi, economic ties have strengthened.
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 Ismael El-Kholy for Al-Monitor Egypt Pulse on June 17

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