Are Egypt's lackluster efforts leaving it isolated?

Egypt seems to be ignoring chances to upgrade its social standing in the world.
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 Ahmed Fouad for Al-Monitor Egypt Pulse on September 25

How Sinai women are fueling Egypt's economy with homemade goods

Bedouin women in the Sinai Peninsula defy tribal tradition and help their families by selling handmade crafts.
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 Rania Rabeaa Elabd for Al-Monitor Egypt Pulse on September 25

Egypt takes new approach to tourism

Egypt's long-suffering tourism business might finally be getting some good news: The private sector will take a crack at handling one of the country's ancient sites.
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 Ahmed Hidji for Al-Monitor Egypt Pulse on September 23

What's the status of IMF loan as Iraq dismisses finance minister?

The International Monetary Fund has granted a $3 billion loan to Iraq; however, parliament and the government have not yet reached an agreement over the loan conditions.
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 Omar Sattar for Al-Monitor Iraq Pulse on September 23

Why is Egypt's army now in the baby formula business?

While Egypt's army has long played a large role in the country's economy, recent steps taken by the armed forces in the baby formula and education sector have reignited fears about its financial power.
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 Albaraa Abdullah for Al-Monitor Egypt Pulse on September 21

Rouhani set to address UNGA amid high expectations at home

President Hassan Rouhani is in New York to address the UN General Assembly amid high expectations at home about the outcome of his trip.
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 Misha Zand for Al-Monitor Iran Pulse on September 21

Can Libya find unity through oil?

With the Libyan National Army’s takeover of the crescent oil ports, Gen. Khalifa Hifter may be the key to a true national unity government.
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 Jason Pack for Al-Monitor on September 20

More at stake than meets the eye as Jordan votes

While continuing to prepare against external armed threats, Jordan must also focus on improving domestic conditions crucial to long-term stability.
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 David Wallsh for Al-Monitor on September 20

Will Jenin’s only cinema be demolished to make way for mall?

Jenin Cinema faces the risk of demolition after it was put up for sale by its owners, and businessmen have made offers and expressed their intentions to build a mall in its place.
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 Ahmad Melhem for Al-Monitor Palestine Pulse on September 20

Lebanon positions itself as hub for Syrian reconstruction

Experts say that Lebanon has to prepare for Syria’s reconstruction once the war there ends or else it will be a missed opportunity to improve the Lebanese economy.
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 Scott Preston for Al-Monitor Lebanon Pulse on September 19

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