The switch to digital television faces bumpy road in Palestine

As the date to move Palestinian TV frequencies from analogue to digital is approaching, concerned parties and ministries are worried about potential issues including interference by Israeli authorities and costs for poorer families.
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 Daoud Kuttab for Al-Monitor on May 4

Iran's water crisis reaches critical levels

Iran's political leadership must move quickly, and non-ideologically, to resolve the current water use crisis and avoid the possibility of mass migrations.
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 Bijan Khajehpour for Al-Monitor Iran Pulse on May 1

Iraq, Syria crises cost billions for Turkey

The amount Turkey has paid for the Iraqi and Syrian crises in the last four years has reached over $16 billion.
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 Fehim Ta┼čtekin for Al-Monitor on April 30

Tunisia courts foreign investment

Tunisia is going above and beyond to attract badly needed foreign money after seeing only a small fraction of the success that Egypt has enjoyed.
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Translated from Al-Hayat (Pan Arab) on May 1

Ancient market at heart of modern Baghdad

The Iraqi capital's ancient and well-preserved Shorja market has long been a meeting point for Iraqis and a barometer of the political and economic situation in the country.
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 Wassim Bassem for Al-Monitor Iraq Pulse on April 30

Gazans pursue jobs in Israel despite danger

Difficult living conditions inside the Gaza Strip have pushed citizens to risk their lives to emigrate in search of work even without the proper Israeli permits.
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 Hana Salah for Al-Monitor Palestine Pulse on May 1

Fast food booms in Gaza

Gaza's restaurant sector is thriving as residents flock to one of the few available diversions.
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 Mohammed Othman for Al-Monitor Palestine Pulse on May 1

Iran targets 'MI6 Shiites'

The Iranian government is engaged in a media offensive against the Shiite Shirazi movement, which runs a broadcasting network to spread its message.
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 Arash Azizi for Al-Monitor Iran Pulse on May 4

Hamas imposes new taxes to meet payroll dues

In an attempt to raise the payrolls of employees appointed by the previous Hamas government, new taxes have been levied on goods and services in Gaza, angering importers and consumers.
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 Hazem Balousha for Al-Monitor Palestine Pulse on April 29

Iran's tourism industry scrambles to catch up with demand

As Iranian President Hassan Rouhani improves relations with the West, Iranian officials announce they will build more hotels to meet the expected demand of foreign tourists.
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Farahmand Alipour for Al-Monitor Iran Pulse on May 1

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