Are hard-liners moving in on Iran's Oil Ministry?

Iranian hard-liners may be behind the replacement of the director of the National Iranian Oil Company, dealing a fresh blow to the pro-reform camp.
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 A correspondent in Tehran for Al-Monitor Iran Pulse on June 28

Will reviving old parliament bring Egypt-Sudan relations back to life?

Egyptian and Sudanese leaders could find solutions to their disputes by reinstating a formerly abandoned, shared parliamentary body.
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 Walaa Hussein for Al-Monitor Egypt Pulse on June 28

Erdogan displays survival instinct in Israel reconciliation

Turkey has taken major steps to end its global isolation by reconciling with Israel and apologizing to Russia.
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 Cengiz Çandar for Al-Monitor on June 27

One year after Sousse attack, Tunisia’s tourism industry remembers victims while remaining hopeful

Tunisia’s tourism sector, bolstered by increased security, continues to push on following the sharp decline it experienced in the wake of last year’s Sousse attack.
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 Conor McCormick-Cavanagh for Al-Monitor on June 27

Digital map seeks to document 'trail of destruction' of Mideast antiquities

Government and nonprofit organizations are working together to mitigate the threats that the Islamic State, looters and others pose to Middle East antiquities.
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 Shahira Amin for Al-Monitor Egypt Pulse on June 26

Cairo wages war on corruption with TV ads, but will it work?

The Egyptian government has launched a TV ad campaign aimed at combating corruption, but some fear it will be ineffective without structural reform.
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 Amr Eltohamy for Al-Monitor Egypt Pulse on June 26

Why Egypt's 'white gold' production is now in decline

Egyptian cotton exports take another thumping in the latest agricultural season, and local cotton consumption drops as cotton cultivation becomes too heavy a financial burden for Egyptian farmers to bear.
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 Ahmed Hidji for Al-Monitor Egypt Pulse on June 24

Are Gaza's mosques wasting electricity?

In light of the Gaza Strip's electricity crisis, some Gazans believe mosques are largely contributing to the problem with unnecessary electricity consumption.
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 Mohammed Othman for Al-Monitor Palestine Pulse on June 27

Why Tel Aviv's embrace of street art worries some artists

While the Tel Aviv municipality usually condemns illegal street art, it sees value in its appearance in poor neighborhoods.
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 Yuval Avivi for Al-Monitor Israel Pulse on June 28

Military trials are making a comeback in Egypt

A new decree aimed at protecting public land allows civilians to be brought before military courts.
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 Sayed Elhadidi for Al-Monitor Egypt Pulse on June 23

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