Can Iran avoid looming banking crisis?

In Iran, debate on how to avoid a looming banking crisis reaches fever pitch, with the future structure of the Central Bank of Iran becoming a battlefield between the government and its conservative opponents.
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 Alireza Ramezani for Al-Monitor Iran Pulse on March 28

Gaza real estate sector on the rise

The real estate sector in Gaza is booming in light of a fast-rising population and a small surface area, but will this spur benefit the government?
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 Rasha Abou Jalal on March 28

How Egypt plans to boost tech partnerships with US companies

A delegation from Egypt's Communications and Information Technology Ministry has returned from a successful US tour to promote cooperation and investment in information technology.
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 Amira Sayed Ahmed for Al-Monitor on March 28

Egypt’s first female plumber is flushing out the competition

A Cairo woman who found herself needing to make an income after she and her three children were abandoned by her husband was able to overcome her difficulties by becoming a plumber.
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 Salwa Samir for Al-Monitor Egypt Pulse on March 28

Palestinian government hopes ancient shrine can lure in tourists

The Palestinian ministries of Tourism and Endowments are planning to renovate Jericho’s Shrine of the Prophet Moses to boost tourism and revive the economy.
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 Entsar Abu Jahal on March 27

Cairo metro drowns in debt, risks shutdown

The Cairo metro system owes vast sums to electrical, water and maintenance companies, and this week's move to double the price of a ticket to about $0.11 a ride isn't enough to solve the debt problem.
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 Amira Sayed Ahmed for Al-Monitor on March 26

Turkey's drive to attract Iranian tourists hits political snags

Scrambling to compensate for lost markets, Turkey’s tourism sector aims to attract 2 million tourists from Iran this year, but Ankara’s erratic foreign policy could throw this target into jeopardy.
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 Zülfikar Doğan for Al-Monitor Turkey Pulse on March 24

Do oil shipments to Egypt mark new chapter for Egypt, Saudi relations?

Egypt has announced the resumption of Saudi oil shipments in what appears to be a move toward reducing the tension between both countries that has escalated over the past years, mainly over the Syrian crisis.
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 Ahmed Gomaa on March 24

Imminent anti-monopoly move angers some Gaza traders

Gaza's Ministry of National Economy will abolish exclusive commercial import licenses effective April 1.
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 Ahmad Abu Amer for Al-Monitor Palestine Pulse on March 28

Solar car race shines light on renewable energy in Egypt

For the first time, the United Solar Challenge was held in Egypt as innovators and engineers race solar-powered cars and try to spark interest in renewable energy sources.
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 Menna A. Farouk for Al-Monitor on March 24

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