Erdogan calls dollar and euro holders 'terrorists'

Turkey’s president has likened dollar and euro holders to terrorists armed with guns and bombs, deepening further the controversy on how the country will overcome its foreign-exchange crunch.
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 Zülfikar Doğan for Al-Monitor Turkey Pulse on January 17

Syrian women in Egypt find solidarity in stylist classes

Cosmetology classes help displaced Syrian women form bonds and start fashion careers in Egypt.
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 Jihad Abaza for Al-Monitor Egypt Pulse on January 17

Egypt set to invest in crocodile industry

As the crocodile population has increased in Lake Nasser, despite lifting the ban on crocodile hunting, the Egyptian government announced a project to invest in the animal and encourage exports.
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 Walaa Hussein on January 16

Turkish grannies to get state salaries for grandchildren’s care

The Turkish government has drawn up a program of financial support for women who assume the home care of their grandchildren in the age group of 0-3, but not everyone is happy with the program.
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 Zülfikar Doğan for Al-Monitor Turkey Pulse on January 16

Will new law attract more foreign investment to Egypt?

Experts say drafting a new investment law is not enough to lure foreign investors back to Egypt — the entire business climate will need to change.
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 Nayrouz Talaat for Al-Monitor Egypt Pulse on January 13

KRG speaker: Independent Kurdish state complex issue

Kurdish parliament Speaker Yusuf Mohammed Sadiq discusses with Al-Monitor the current issues of Iraqi Kurdistan.
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 Mustafa Saadoun on January 15

Turkey faces financial disaster

Turkey's decision-makers need to step up and change their destructive policies rather than inventing an international conspiracy to blame for the country's currency crisis.
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 Cengiz Çandar for Al-Monitor on January 13

Ramallah's blacksmiths chisel out niche in modern market

Ramallah's blacksmiths work to preserve their profession and livelihood despite significant competition.
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 Aziza Nofal for Al-Monitor Palestine Pulse on January 15

Egypt sets up new fund to revive tourism industry

The Central Bank of Egypt has set up a new fund to revive its ailing tourism industry, and experts are upbeat about the outlook of tourism in 2017.
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 Menna A. Farouk for Al-Monitor on January 10

Is Rouhani repeating Ahmadinejad’s tricks in currency market?

In Iran, the Central Bank and the government are coming under fire for allegedly letting the currency devalue in order to make up for budget deficits.
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 Alireza Ramezani for Al-Monitor Iran Pulse on January 9

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