Why Iran’s bond market isn’t attracting the money it needs

Without reform to existing legislation on foreign currency-denominated government sukuk, Iranian authorities will continue to fail to attract the investment they need.
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 Alireza Ramezani for Al-Monitor Iran Pulse on July 21

Sahrawis, EU in standoff over Moroccan trade agreement

The Polisario Front criticizes the EU’s farm trade agreement with Morocco because it also applies to the disputed territory of the Western Sahara; by bringing this agreement before the EU’s highest court, the Polisario Front puts its claim for independence back on the agenda.
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 Charlotte Bruneau for Al-Monitor on July 21

Will Turkey succeed in resolving Gaza’s power crisis?

Turkey is working to resolve the Gaza Strip's energy crisis as part of an economic projects package included in Turkey's reconciliation deal with Israel.
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 Ahmad Abu Amer for Al-Monitor Palestine Pulse on July 19

Iraqi laborers facing harsh conditions in holy city of Najaf

Due to the economic crisis, thousands of workers, including children from southern provinces, come to Najaf to work under difficult circumstances to support their families.
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 Ali Abdulhadi al-Mamouri for Al-Monitor Iraq Pulse on July 19

Was Arabic ad on Israeli TV a clever publicity stunt?

An Israeli department store probably anticipated the controversy its prime-time Arabic-language commercial would kick off and is now reaping the benefits of notoriety among large swaths of Israelis.
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 Yuval Avivi for Al-Monitor Israel Pulse on July 19

BDS movement targets Palestinian investors in West Bank mall

Pro-Palestinian activists are working with a consumer advocacy group to urge Palestinian investors to back out of a new shopping mall in northern Jerusalem, warning that not only will the project harm the Palestinian economy, the investors themselves could face legal action.
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 Ahmad Melhem for Al-Monitor Palestine Pulse on July 19

Will Egypt impose taxes on Facebook ads?

Egypt's parliament is considering a bill to levy taxes on social media ads, with some questioning if such a measure could even be applied.
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 Amr Eltohamy for Al-Monitor Egypt Pulse on July 17

Why Iran shouldn’t get too excited about Brexit

Some Iranians believe Brexit will positively affect trade relations between Britain and Iran, but economists warn against expecting significant changes.
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 Alireza Ramezani for Al-Monitor Iran Pulse on July 15

Israel's plan to keep tech giants from fleeing

Finance Minister Moshe Kahlon has announced a plan to slash Israel's 25% corporate tax to just 6% for such internet giants as Google and Facebook in a bid to keep the companies in Israel.
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 Mazal Mualem for Al-Monitor on July 15

How Indiegogo is connecting Israelis and Gazans

Many Israelis have responded to requests on the crowdfunding Indiegogo site to help desperate Gazans struggling to survive.
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 Shlomi Eldar for Al-Monitor on July 15

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