A worker checks the valve gears in a natural gas control center of Turkey's Petroleum and Pipeline Corporation February 14, 2012. (photo by REUTERS/Umit Bektas)

Turkey to Produce Natural Gas From Shale

Author: milliyet

“Turkey has approximately two trillion cubic meters of natural gas reserves that could meet national demands for 40-50 years,” said Tamer Akaslan, Trakya (Thrace region west of Istanbul) Regional Director of Gasdas Company. He also said that the Turkish Petroleoum Corporation (TPAO) is working with a foreign partner to produce shale gas after its success in the US.

SummaryPrint Turkey has approximately two trillion cubic meters of shale gas reserves that can meet national demands for 40-50 years. Taking its cue from US shale gas production, the Turkish Petroleum Corporation is Gazdas is planning to invest $300 million in infrastructure to extract the natural gas.
TranslatorTimur Göksel

According to Akaslan, Turkey is about to begin producing gas from shale by taking advantage of rapidly advancing technology. “After the US discovered shale gas, their natural gas prices went down by half. Now we are heading in the same direction. If we succeed, Turkey will become a major power in the global natural gas market,” he added.

Gazdas is planning to invest $300 million and 17 distribution centers are to be constructed in Trakya by 2015, after manufacturing 2,000 km of plastic and 205 km of steel piping. He said that Zorlu Holding, the parent company, aims for $1.5 billion in revenue with 5,000 employees by this time. In the meantime they will increase the number of subscribers in Trakya from 120,000 to 160,000.

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