The king finally comes to town

King Salman of Saudi Arabia won't find solutions to his country's deepest problems during his visit to Washington.
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 Bruce Riedel for Al-Monitor on September 1

Turkish daily exposes transfer of weapons to IS

The feud between President Erdogan and his rivals in the Gulen movement is turning up news: Is there a link between exposure and the police raid of newspaper offices?
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 Kadri Gursel for Al-Monitor on September 1

Is it time to bring your bong to Baalbek?

While in the past the Lebanese government has made efforts to destroy some of the country’s illegal cannabis fields, this has yet to happen this year as the security services as preoccupied with more pressing threats.
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Translated from Al-Nahar (Lebanon) on September 1

As Turkey's consumer confidence plummets, what does that mean for the AKP?

Turkey’s consumer confidence index — a key indicator that is closely correlated with the AKP’s electoral showings — is on the decline, signaling further losses for the party in the Nov. 1 early elections.
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 Kadri Gursel for Al-Monitor on August 31

Looking to invest in Sinai?

The Egyptian government has amended its law on development in the Sinai Peninsula to permit Egyptian investors to own the properties where their projects are carried out.
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 Safiaa Mounir for Al-Monitor Egypt Pulse on August 31

Saudi king wants Obama to tackle Iranian 'mischief'

King Salman bin Abdul-Aziz Al Saud will make clear during his White House visit that Riyadh’s lukewarm support for the Iran nuclear deal depends on the United States keeping Tehran in check.
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 Julian Pecquet for Al-Monitor on August 31

Rouhani faces ballooning expectations at home in post-sanctions era

Economic expectations are high in Iran following the recent nuclear deal, but President Hassan Rouhani has warned against "immediate, but harmful" interests.
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Saeid Jafari for Al-Monitor Iran Pulse on August 28

Gaza's cybercriminals get rich hacking Internet-based phone lines

Cybercrime is on the rise in the Gaza Strip, where an absence of relevant legislation has facilitated criminals' efforts to intercept Internet-based phone lines and sell minutes.
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 Fadi Shafei for Al-Monitor Palestine Pulse on August 28

Iranian oil minister: 'Others' should be worried about oil prices

Iran's oil minister has said the ministry would welcome an emergency OPEC meeting, but that Iran will not limit its oil production to retain its share of the oil market.
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 Arash Karami for Al-Monitor Iran Pulse on August 27

Palestinians smuggle cheaper nicotine fix from Jordan

Smugglers are finding a profitable business in moving cigarettes into Palestine from Jordan and competing with locally made tobacco and more expensive imported cigarettes.
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 Ahmad Melhem for Al-Monitor Palestine Pulse on August 30

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