The Palestinian Economy And the Pillar of Salt in Area C

Amid Israeli villages, the old salt plant of Uthman Halak is the only Palestinian economic presence in the northern Dead Sea area, despite grandiose development projects presented by the Palestinian Authority.
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Translated from Calcalist (Israel) on November 1

Amazon Joins Facebook In Opening Center in Israel

Amazon will set up a sales and service center in Tel Aviv, following the large demand of Israeli startups for its cloud services.
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Translated from Calcalist (Israel) on October 31

Tunisia's Economic Crisis to Continue

Amid ongoing political strife and divisions, economic experts in Tunisia present grim outlooks for the near and distant future of the national economy.
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Translated from Al-Hayat (Pan Arab) on October 31

Five Trends in Iran-Turkey Trade, Energy Ties

International sanctions and regional tensions over Syria could still upset the uptick in Iran-Turkey economic relations, but the trend is positive.
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 Bijan Khajehpour for Al-Monitor Iran Pulse on October 31

Fashion Labels Popular In Gaza Despite Hardship

Siege and war have not prevented Palestinians in Gaza from keeping up to speed with the latest fashion trends.
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 Abeer Ayyoub for Al-Monitor on October 30

Facebook Acquires Onavo In Latest High-Tech Acquisition

The recent wave of Israeli high-tech purchases by giants like Facebook, Google and Microsoft risks turning Israel from an innovation center in its own right into a Palo Alto-like research and development base.
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Translated from Calcalist (Israel) on October 30

Jordan's Economic Imbalance

As the political and business elites in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan enjoy prosperity, individual communities across the country have suffered from economic liberalization policies.
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Translated from Al-Hayat (Pan Arab) on October 30

Reformist Newspaper in Iran Shut Down Over Imam Ali Article

While the first newspaper under President Rouhani's tenure has been shut down for covering a sensitive religious topic, there are signs that the days of mass newspaper closures have not returned.
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 A Correspondent in Tehran for Al-Monitor Iran Pulse on October 30

Syria’s Oil Producing Regions Suffer From Theft, Pollution

After many of Syria’s eastern oil fields fell into the hands of rebel groups, operations to steal oil and primitive refineries threaten the region’s environment.
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Translated from As-Safir (Lebanon) on October 29

Wilocity Works to Develop World's Fastest Wi-Fi

The Israeli startup Wilocity is approaching close to $100 million in capital raised from investors.
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Translated from Calcalist (Israel) on October 29

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