Is Iran-Turkey tension intentional?

Turkey, while seeking to access Gulf funds and boost its defense industry exports, has risked economic relations with Iran — but the risk could also hold opportunity.
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 Fehim Taştekin for Al-Monitor on February 24

How Moses cartoon killed Turkish satirical magazine

A cartoon ridiculing Moses brought about the swift demise of a satirical magazine without a political or legal decision having been made.
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 Mustafa Akyol for Al-Monitor on February 22

Palestine's first vegan cafeteria opens

The Palestinian Animal League opened the first vegan cafeteria at Al-Quds University in the hope of raising awareness about animal welfare and providing healthy food options to the community.
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 Ahmad Melhem on February 22

Mutual interests break ice between Egypt, Saudi Arabia

Although tension has been high between Egypt and Saudi Arabia in the past few months, signs of cooperation are emerging over the development of Sinai and other common interests.
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 Amr Mostafa on February 24

How 'Half of the World' is attracting tourists to Iran

Esfahan, or "Half of the World" as it is dubbed in Persian, is attracting ever more foreign tourists to Iran in the aftermath of the lifting of sanctions.
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 Maysam Bizaer for Al-Monitor Iran Pulse on February 21

Refugee influx to Turkey sharply rises

In the past five months, 551,000 new refugees arrived in Turkey, raising the total number to 3.551 million and the monthly cost to host them to $590 million.
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 Mehmet Cetingulec for Al-Monitor Turkey Pulse on February 21

Canal Istanbul: Still hyped, still 'crazy'

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan is dusting off plans for the megaproject Canal Istanbul ahead of the constitutional referendum as an example of what a strong president could achieve.
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 Mustafa Sonmez on February 22

Why Israel's ultra-Orthodox are fighting fur ban

A move to ban the sale of fur in Israel is being blocked by ultra-Orthodox Jews, who are hanging on to the tradition of wearing expensive fur hats on the Sabbath and other holy days.
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 Mordechai Goldman on February 21

Online platforms help sick Egyptians find drugs

A medicine shortage produced by a currency valuation has Egyptians turning to the internet to locate donors and other sources for their medications.
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 Nayrouz Talaat for Al-Monitor Egypt Pulse on February 22

Why was only one Palestinian publishing house at Cairo book fair?

The Cairo International Book Fair, the most prominent in the Arab world, saw the attendance of only one Palestinian publishing house, among dozens of other Arab and international publishers.
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 Ahmed el-Komi on February 20

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