How Yemen’s war is now threatening international trade

The recent attacks on vessels in the Red Sea by Yemen's Houthis and the United States threaten international trade along this route.
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 Amal Nasser for Al-Monitor on October 20

Civil servants in Palestine prohibited from working second job

Palestinian civil employees are worried that the new Palestinian government decision to ban holding a second job will cut their monthly income, as they can barely make ends meet in light of the harsh living conditions.
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 Entsar Abu Jahal for Al-Monitor Palestine Pulse on October 20

The death of critical journalism in Turkey

Press freedom in Turkey is often assessed on the basis of jailed journalists, but this fails to fully reflect the gravity of the situation if one omits the huge number of journalists who have lost their jobs and are facing an uncertain future and struggling to survive.
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 Irfan Aktan for Al-Monitor Turkey Pulse on October 19

The real reason Boeing, Airbus deals with Iran matter

Beyond being the first major aircraft sales with Iran in decades, the Boeing and Airbus deals are groundbreaking because they may entice major Western banks to resume dealings with the Islamic Republic.
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 Saheb Sadeghi for Al-Monitor Iran Pulse on October 19

New initiative aims to protect Palestinian working women

In a bid to help women overcome the bitter situation plaguing the work environment, the Palestinian Ministry of Labor, in cooperation with the International Labor Organization, recently issued a guideline for the rights of working women in Palestine.
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 Entsar Abu Jahal for Al-Monitor Palestine Pulse on October 18

Police overwhelmed as drugs from Iran flood Basra

Iraqi police are unable to keep up with increasing drug smuggling from Iran, and Basra, the hardest-hit province, has neither a rehabilitation center for drug addiction nor the resources to prosecute drug-trafficking gangs.
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 Mustafa Saadoun for Al-Monitor Iraq Pulse on October 18

How Turkey’s government became the country’s top tycoon

The Turkish government has seized scores of companies in its crackdown on the Gulen community after the July coup attempt, which, some believe, will be now transferred to government cronies.
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 Zülfikar Doğan for Al-Monitor Turkey Pulse on October 17

Is Jordan Israel’s new best friend?

Jordan is boosting its strategic ties with Israel based on their mutual economic interests, while Palestinians sound the alarm against normalization of relations with their enemy.
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 Adnan Abu Amer for Al-Monitor Palestine Pulse on October 17

Why Rouhani won't halt costly cash handouts anytime soon

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani is unlikely to discontinue the monthly cash handouts paid to most Iranians any time soon, despite the payouts' steep costs.
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 Bijan Khajehpour for Al-Monitor Iran Pulse on October 17

US Treasury official praises Saudi cooperation against terror funding

Assistant Treasury Secretary Daniel Glaser says there has been substantial progress reducing funds amassed by the Islamic State, but warns that IS could seek external financing if it loses its "caliphate" in Iraq and Syria.
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 Barbara Slavin for Al-Monitor on October 14

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