Erdogan's money troubles

President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has called on citizens to convert their dollars to Turkish lira to shore up the economy, but many are choosing other options.
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 Amberin Zaman for Al-Monitor on December 8

Iran's Cabinet votes to change national currency

Decades after the first plan to slash zeros from the Iranian rial, President Hassan Rouhani’s Cabinet has sent a bill to parliament to make changes to the country's currency.
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 Changiz M. Varzi for Al-Monitor Iran Pulse on December 8

Why Iran's currency is suddenly wobbling

After years of relative stability, the Iranian rial is once again wobbling — but why?
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 Saeid Jafari for Al-Monitor Iran Pulse on December 8

The year Saudi Arabia wants to forget

For Saudi Arabia, 2016 has been fraught with many difficulties, including an ongoing war in Yemen, falling oil revenues, souring relations with allies Egypt and Pakistan, and the resurgence of Iran.
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 Bruce Riedel for Al-Monitor on December 7

Why OPEC deal is a double-edged sword for Iran

While the OPEC deal to cut oil production will have tangible positive effects for Iran, it’s far from likely that the accord will fundamentally transform global energy dynamics.
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 David Ramin Jalilvand for Al-Monitor Iran Pulse on December 7

Who is responsible for destruction of Iraq's cultural heritage?

Iraqi leaders have not only failed to protect the nation's cultural heritage, but have also contributed to its destruction by demolishing historic homes and landmarks.
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 Adnan Abu Zeed for Al-Monitor Iraq Pulse on December 8

WikiLeaks dump casts rare light on Erdogan inner circle

WikiLeaks' dump of emails has put Energy Minister Berat Albayrak's dealings back in the news.
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 Amberin Zaman for Al-Monitor on December 6

Turkey mobilizes against 'economic coup'

For President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, the steep decline of Turkey’s national currency is an “economic sabotage” by the nefarious powers that were also behind the coup attempt of July 15.
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 Mustafa Akyol for Al-Monitor on December 6

Meet Gaza’s top businesswoman

Mona Adnan Ghalayini, Gaza’s top businesswoman, talks to Al-Monitor about her journey to reach the position she currently occupies despite the social restrictions.
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 Amjad Yaghi for Al-Monitor Palestine Pulse on December 5

Egyptian artist defies odds with Photoshop's newest cover

After having his artwork featured on the cover of Photoshop's latest edition, Amr Elshamy hopes to transition from digital art to animated movies.
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 Amira Sayed Ahmed for Al-Monitor on December 5

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