Why the PA wants to stay on good terms with Qatar

The Qatari ambassador to Palestine stayed in the Gaza Strip for three weeks, holding banquets, visiting various institutions and making donations, with mixed reactions from Palestinian factions.
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 Adnan Abu Amer for Al-Monitor Palestine Pulse on August 22

Is North Korea supplying arms to Palestinian factions?

The Palestinian resistance factions are seeking to conclude weapons deals with Russia, North Korea and China through the black market, yet some say a recent display of weapons was merely for propaganda purposes.
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 Moath al-Amoudi for Al-Monitor Palestine Pulse on August 22

Why were 3,000 Gazans excluded from Qatari grant to pay salaries?

Hamas is accusing the Ramallah government of tampering with the list of Gazan government workers who were supposed to receive payment as part of a recent grant from Qatar.
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 Mohammed Othman for Al-Monitor Palestine Pulse on August 22

Egypt’s state TV under fire after suspending anchorwomen until they shed pounds

Despite once being a victim of discrimination herself, the head of an Egyptian broadcasters' union has forced eight female public employees off the air, demanding they lose weight.
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 Ahmed Hidji for Al-Monitor Egypt Pulse on August 19

Can Turkey-Russia trade reach $100 billion target?

The two countries have been after this target since 2013, but until now have only reached $38 billion.
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 Mehmet Cetingulec for Al-Monitor Turkey Pulse on August 22

Gentrification glitter fades into dust in Istanbul’s heart

Istanbul’s most famous avenue falling into urban decay is a sign of economic hardship awaiting Turkey in the near future.
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 Pinar Tremblay for Al-Monitor on August 19

11 years on, have Gazans failed to invest in liberated areas?

More than a decade after Israel withdrew from the Gaza Strip, the liberated lands remain mostly empty, with analysts urging the Palestinian Land Authority to optimize the use and cultivation of these lands.
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 Mohammed Othman for Al-Monitor Palestine Pulse on August 21

Gaza takes pineapple test

Gaza's Union of Agricultural Work Committees announced that it will try to grow pineapples for the first time in Khan Yunis, in the southern Gaza Strip, within the scope of the project to promote sustainable development through the most profitable crops.
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 Entsar Abu Jahal for Al-Monitor Palestine Pulse on August 21

Iraq sinks further into debt

Despite nominal moves to diversify its sources of revenue, the Iraqi government's dependence on falling oil prices and the cost of its war against the Islamic State mean the Iraqi economy is drowning in debt.
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 Omar al-Jaffal for Al-Monitor Iraq Pulse on August 19

Israelis split over floating harbor off Gaza

Israeli officials announced their opposition to building a floating harbor off the Gaza coast, which Hamas condemned and considered to be another measure to tighten the siege on the Gaza Strip.
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 Rasha Abou Jalal for Al-Monitor Palestine Pulse on August 19

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