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Can Western Women Tame Iran’s Nuclear Negotiators?

Tuesday, Apr. 24, 2012 | Laura Rozen, Back Channel

Three high-powered women are the principal negotiators for the P5+1 team in the Iran nuclear talks, which creates a novel working environment for their Iranian counterparts, because women generally can’t get top government jobs in the Islamic Republic. This raises an intriguing question: Could the presence of women across the table from the Iranians change the dynamics in the nuclear talks?

How Iran Talks Were Saved From Verge of Collapse

Monday, Apr. 16, 2012 | Laura Rozen, Back Channel

New details on the Iran nuclear talks this weekend, touted as being very positive, now show the meeting, in fact, deteriorated. Laura Rozen spoke to inside sources who said Iran was "relentless" in its request to delay European sanctions and that the atmosphere had grown extremely strained and tense. 

Are the Iran Nuclear Talks Finally Headed in the Right Direction?

Sunday, Apr. 15, 2012 | Laura Rozen, Back Channel

Six world powers emerged from the first talks with Iran in over a year on a positive note. Officials agreed to hold another meeting in Baghdad May 23, where they hope to devise a concrete plan to address Iran's advancing nuclear program. Iran also held bilateral meetings with Russia, China and the EU's Foreign Policy Chief, but declined to meet one-on-one with American diplomats.

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