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Jamileh Alamolhoda, wife of Iranian presidential candidate Ebrahim Raisi, speaks in this undated photo posted May 18, 2017. (photo by Twitter/@united4iran)

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Meet Iran’s potential next first ladies

Friday, May. 19, 2017 | Zahra Alipour, Contributor

Though some progress has been made since Iranian presidential candidate's wives first stepped into the campaign spotlight in 2009, they still do not fully participate in their husbands’ campaigns.

Former athletes under fire in Tehran City Council elections

Thursday, May. 11, 2017 | Zahra Alipour, Contributor

This year’s local council elections appear likely to rid the influential Tehran City Council of former athletes amid public criticism of their qualifications.

How Iran-Israel conflict has played out beyond political realm

Thursday, Apr. 13, 2017 | Zahra Alipour, Contributor

The tension between Iran and Israel has frequently extended to the cultural and sports sphere, with the only Iranian Oscar winner and other prominent Iranians finding themselves in the spotlight over exchanges with Israelis.

Why Iran-Iraq War is still minefield for artists

Tuesday, Apr. 4, 2017 | Zahra Alipour, Contributor

Some 30 years on, depictions of the Iran-Iraq War are still a minefield for Iranian artists and authors.

Why dust storms still suffocate Iran’s Khuzestan province

Wednesday, Mar. 15, 2017 | Zahra Alipour, Contributor

The administration of President Hassan Rouhani has declared that it has made great strides in combating dust storms and pollution in Iran’s southwestern province of Khuzestan, but the region appears to still be in the grip of recurring environmental crises.

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Zahra Alipour

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Zahra Alipour is an Iranian journalist based in Paris who focuses on cultural affairs. She has reported for several leading Iranian media outlets.

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