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Ethiopia's Grand Renaissance Dam seen under construction during a media tour in Benishangul Gumuz Region, Guba Woreda, Ethiopia, March 31, 2015. (photo by REUTERS/Tiksa Negeri)

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Egypt sees progress in settling Nile issues

Friday, Mar. 17, 2017 | Walaa Hussein, Contributor

Cairo appears to be making some headway in realigning with members of the Nile Basin Initiative and resolving its issues with the Entebbe Agreement, seven years after it was signed.

Will families with 2 children become the norm in Egypt?

Tuesday, Feb. 28, 2017 | Walaa Hussein, Contributor

A parliamentary committee is examining draft legislation aimed at curbing Egypt's population growth by encouraging smaller families.

Nile River project seeks 'Africa without borders'

Thursday, Feb. 9, 2017 | Walaa Hussein, Contributor

The African Union Steering Committee announced that the massive Nile River navigation project will be complete by 2024, but challenges lie ahead.

Egypt set to invest in crocodile industry

Monday, Jan. 16, 2017 | Walaa Hussein, Contributor

As the crocodile population has increased in Lake Nasser, despite lifting the ban on crocodile hunting, the Egyptian government announced a project to invest in the animal and encourage exports.

Are Cairo, Riyadh in a messy ‘political divorce’?

Wednesday, Dec. 28, 2016 | Walaa Hussein, Contributor

Egypt was not pleased when a Saudi royal delegation traveled to the controversial Renaissance Dam in Ethiopia to discuss potential energy projects with officials there.

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Walaa Hussein

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Walaa Hussein is the editor-in-chief of the parliamentary news division at Rose al-Yusuf. An expert in African affairs, Hussein has collaborated with the Nile Channel, writing and preparing newscasts. On Twitter: @walaahuseen

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