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A member of the Interior Ministry's forces walks through a newly retaken building near the Old Bridge in west Mosul, Iraq, March 14, 2017.  (photo by Shelly Kittleson)

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Iraqi federal police forces take on key role in west Mosul

Sunday, Mar. 26, 2017 | Shelly Kittleson, Contributor

Federal police forces are playing a crucial role in the liberation of Mosul, which will give them an opportunity to maintain security in the city after completing the liberation.

Iraq's 'Awakening' vets cautious about post-IS period

Thursday, Mar. 9, 2017 | Shelly Kittleson, Contributor

Iraq's Sunni tribal fighters fear they will be isolated from Iraqi society after the elimination of the Islamic State.

Sadr’s fighters guard Shiite shrines, Sunni inhabitants in Iraq's Samarra

Sunday, Jan. 22, 2017 | Shelly Kittleson, Contributor

The predominantly Sunni city of Samarra, which includes one of the main Shiite holy shrines and is under the control of mostly Shiite militias, continues to be a prime target for IS and criminal groups.

Westward offensive starts as Iraq's Ramadi catches breath

Wednesday, Jan. 11, 2017 | Shelly Kittleson, Contributor

With the Mosul operation still going on and Anbar's liberated area still unstable, the Iraqi forces have launched an assault on the last Islamic State stronghold in Anbar province.

Shiite forces advance on Tal Afar in Mosul operation

Thursday, Dec. 1, 2016 | Shelly Kittleson, Contributor

Predominately Shiite Popular Mobilization Units (PMU) have liberated Tal Afar airport to the west of Mosul and now seek to coordinate with Kurdish peshmerga forces on the front.

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Shelly Kittleson

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Shelly Kittleson is a journalist specializing in the Middle East and Afghanistan. Her work has been published in several international, US and Italian media outlets.

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