Semih Idiz

Protesters shout anti-Iran slogans and hold placards at a protest, in front of the Iranian Consulate-General, against Iranian involvement in the siege of Aleppo, in Istanbul, Turkey, Dec. 16, 2016. (photo by OZAN KOSE/AFP/Getty Images)

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Turkish-Iranian rivalry hits peak as Syria talks kick off

Wednesday, Feb. 22, 2017 | Semih Idiz, Columnist

Both countries accuse each other of destabilizing the region and undermining security in Iraq and Syria.

Can fragile Ankara-Moscow friendship survive Russian strike?

Tuesday, Feb. 14, 2017 | Semih Idiz, Columnist

Though Turkey and Russia are working ever more closely together in Syria, the two cautious allies are holding back over their policy disconnects and incidents like the Russian airstrike that killed four Turkish soldiers near al-Bab.

Why Turkey’s approach to Syria may again push it to sidelines

Wednesday, Feb. 8, 2017 | Semih Idiz, Columnist

Diplomats fear that Ankara may have decided to play a reactive and obstructive role in the Syrian peace talks, rather than a positive and proactive one.

Turkey squeezed between Russia, US in Syria

Wednesday, Feb. 1, 2017 | Semih Idiz, Columnist

US President Donald Trump’s safe zones idea and Russia’s draft constitution get cold reactions from Ankara.

Is Ankara waking up to what Trump really represents?

Tuesday, Jan. 24, 2017 | Semih Idiz, Columnist

Having vilified President Obama, President Erdogan and his supporters are realizing that ties under Trump may not turn out to be what they hope.

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Semih Idiz

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Semih Idiz is a columnist for Al-Monitor's Turkey Pulse. He is a journalist who has been covering diplomacy and foreign policy issues for major Turkish newspapers for 30 years. His opinion pieces can be followed in the English-language Hurriyet Daily News. His articles have also been published in The Financial Times, The Times of London, Mediterranean Quarterly and Foreign Policy magazine.

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