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Tehran Mayor Mohammad Bagher Ghalibaf. Posted July 26, 2017. (photo by Twitter/@FDD_Iran)

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The upcoming Iranian elections you haven’t heard about

Wednesday, Mar. 22, 2017 | Rohollah Faghihi, Contributor

As Iran is about to hold city council elections, conservatives are bracing themselves for a fierce competition with Reformists and moderates.

Khamenei warns against questioning of election results

Tuesday, Mar. 21, 2017 | Rohollah Faghihi, Contributor

In his annual Nowruz speech, Iran’s supreme leader urged the government to ramp up domestic production, while calling on ordinary Iranians to purchase locally made goods.

Iran’s supreme leader calls for 'economy of resistance' in Nowruz message

Monday, Mar. 20, 2017 | Rohollah Faghihi, Contributor

As is custom, Iran’s supreme leader and president have issued video messages on the occasion of the Iranian New Year, expressing a need for further focus on economic matters.

The real reason Ahmadinejad still covets media attention

Wednesday, Mar. 15, 2017 | Rohollah Faghihi, Contributor

Iran’s former President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s attempts to attract attention ahead of the May 19 elections spark outrage among moderates and Reformists.

Iran’s parliament speaker throws weight behind Rouhani

Tuesday, Mar. 14, 2017 | Rohollah Faghihi, Contributor

Iran’s powerful parliament Speaker Ali Larijani has thrown his weight behind Hassan Rouhani, supporting him in the upcoming May 19 presidential elections.

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Rohollah Faghihi

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