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Reporters wait outside the US Supreme Court in Washington before it granted parts of the Trump administration's emergency request to put his travel ban into effect immediately while the legal battle continues, June 26, 2017. (photo by REUTERS/Yuri Gripas)

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Revival of 'Muslim ban' stirs outrage in Iran

Wednesday, Jun. 28, 2017 | Rohollah Faghihi, Contributor

The US Supreme Court’s partial revival of President Donald Trump’s ban on citizens of six Muslim-majority countries, including Iran, triggers harsh condemnation by Tehran.

Rouhani faces unprecedented attack by Iranian hard-liners

Tuesday, Jun. 27, 2017 | Rohollah Faghihi, Contributor

Iranian hard-liners step up their attacks on recently re-elected moderate President Hassan Rouhani.

Iranian press decries 'soft coup' in Saudi Arabia

Wednesday, Jun. 21, 2017 | Rohollah Faghihi, Contributor

Reactions in the Iranian media to Mohammed bin Salman’s appointment as crown prince of Saudi Arabia suggest concern about escalating tensions.

Iranian Reformists lash out over Tillerson's hints at regime change

Tuesday, Jun. 20, 2017 | Rohollah Faghihi, Contributor

Iranian Reformists notably join hands in response to the Trump administration’s signals that it is reverting to a policy of regime change toward the Islamic Republic.

Former IRGC commander warns US against attacking Iran

Wednesday, Jun. 14, 2017 | Rohollah Faghihi, Contributor

A senior Iranian military official has warned the United States against contemplating an attack on Iran.

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Rohollah Faghihi

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