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Iraqi film director Wareth Kwaish is seen on the job in a picture uploaded April 20, 2017.  (photo by Instagram/@wareth_kwaish)

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Young Iraqi filmmakers break taboos

Friday, Jul. 21, 2017 | Omar al-Jaffal, Contributor

Iraq is witnessing the growth of a new generation of young filmmakers, but they face serious challenges from society over the content of the films.

Iraqi poets reclaim streets

Tuesday, Jun. 13, 2017 | Omar al-Jaffal, Contributor

The House of Poetry, established by several Iraqi poets in 2009, brings modern poetry to the people through posters and graffiti.

Iraqi comedian gets political

Friday, May. 26, 2017 | Omar al-Jaffal, Contributor

By mocking outdated customs or mimicking politicians in Iraq, Ahmad Wahid is entering uncharted territories with his stand-up comedy.

Iraqi activists, journalists terrorized by armed groups

Wednesday, May. 17, 2017 | Omar al-Jaffal, Contributor

The kidnapping of a number of activists and journalists in Baghdad has members of Iraq's civil society worrying about their livelihood.

Will massive trench keep Iraqi holy cities safe from terror?

Monday, Mar. 6, 2017 | Omar al-Jaffal, Contributor

The holy cities of Najaf and Karbala are digging trenches around the cities to stop terrorists from coming in and launching attacks.

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Omar al-Jaffal

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Omar al-Jaffal is an Iraqi writer and poet. He is an editor of Bayt and Nathr, two intellectual magazines that are published in Iraq. He is also the chief editor of Al-Aalam al-Jadid, an electronic newspaper.

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