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Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is seen on monitors before the evening news bulletin at Channel 10's control room in Jerusalem, Nov. 18, 2015.  (photo by REUTERS/Ronen Zvulun)

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Why are so few Arabs interviewed on Israeli TV?

Friday, Aug. 19, 2016 | Nurit Canetti, Contributor

Published ratings tracking the number of Israeli Arab interviewees on Israeli TV has got the media's attention.

When books become issue of Israeli populism

Thursday, Jun. 2, 2016 | Nurit Canetti, Contributor

Instead of protecting writers, Israeli Culture Minister Miri Regev chooses to advocate cheap book prices.

How Israeli soldiers became 'children of the nation'

Friday, May. 27, 2016 | Nurit Canetti, Contributor

More Israelis are determined to protect IDF soldiers' lives at any cost, an attitude that has had major repercussions for Israeli military operations despite the better judgment of its commanders.

How Orthodox Israelis are battling sexual harassment

Thursday, Apr. 21, 2016 | Nurit Canetti, Contributor

For more than a decade, a unique Israeli forum composed of religious leaders, legal experts and mental health workers has quietly dealt with allegations of sexual misconduct.

Tourism blooms in Israel's Arava desert

Thursday, Apr. 7, 2016 | Nurit Canetti, Contributor

After the fall of the ruble and a crisis in the pepper market, farmers in the Arava desert region are playing host to a fledgling tourism industry.

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Nurit Canetti

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Nurit Canetti is the chief editor of the leading daily news talk show "What's Cooking?'' on Israel's Army Radio and an anchor on the "Security Zone" news program. Previously, Canetti served as police and social affairs reporter for Israeli public radio and education reporter for Channel 10. A lawyer and one of the founders and leaders of the Israeli Press Organization, Canetti holds academic degrees in literature, history and law, as well as a master's degree in public policy.

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