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A farmer works in his wheat field in Meymeh, Iran, June 3, 2014.  (photo by John Moore/Getty Images)

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Rouhani leads Iran’s return to wheat exports

Wednesday, Jul. 12, 2017 | Maysam Bizaer, Contributor

After years of imports, Iran has once again regained its self-sufficiency in wheat production under the Hassan Rouhani administration.

New generation of Iranian hostels attract younger tourists

Thursday, Jun. 22, 2017 | Maysam Bizaer, Contributor

As Iran's tourism industry grows, a new generation of hostels catering to younger travelers is springing up around the country.

How 'Half of the World' is attracting tourists to Iran

Tuesday, Feb. 21, 2017 | Maysam Bizaer, Contributor

Esfahan, or "Half of the World" as it is dubbed in Persian, is attracting ever more foreign tourists to Iran in the aftermath of the lifting of sanctions.

Why Iran’s 'green gold' is set to rebound

Thursday, Dec. 29, 2016 | Maysam Bizaer, Contributor

Despite being hit by climate change and sanctions, Iran’s millennia-old pistachio production appears set to increase production and export.

Why Iran is moving to halt exports of raw minerals

Thursday, Dec. 15, 2016 | Maysam Bizaer, Contributor

The Iranian government’s plan to minimize iron ore exports to boost the production of processed goods jives with realities on the ground.

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Maysam Bizaer

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Maysam Bizaer is former editor in chief of the Iran Desk at for Press TV's web division. He has worked for various local media and has been a contributor for a number of foreign media outlets. On Twitter: @m_bizar

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