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Turkish army soldiers stand guard at their position near the northern Syrian rebel-controlled town of al-Rai, in Aleppo governorate, Syria, Sept. 27, 2016.  (photo by REUTERS/Khalil Ashawi)

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Turkey faces decision over boots on the ground in Syria

Tuesday, Sep. 27, 2016 | Kadri Gursel, Columnist

Turkish media are speculating that the Free Syrian Army militias cannot expel Islamic State from Dabik and al-Bab, so that mission will fall to Turkish infantry.

Why US' biggest challenge to fighting IS in Syria might be its own allies

Tuesday, Sep. 20, 2016 | Kadri Gursel, Columnist

The Obama administration’s no-boots-on-the-ground policy in Iraq and Syria has forced it to employ creative solutions to manage the complex battlefield. But for how long?

Turkey’s emergency rule stokes Kurdish separatism

Tuesday, Sep. 13, 2016 | Kadri Gursel, Columnist

Purges at municipalities and schools in Turkey’s mainly Kurdish southeast, carried out as part of an emergency rule that was supposed to target the putschists behind the July 15 coup attempt, will make the Kurdish problem even more intractable.

Will Turkey be dragged deeper into Syria?

Tuesday, Sep. 6, 2016 | Kadri Gursel, Columnist

US military support for Kurdish forces pulled Turkey into Syria, but the IS factor will now determine whether or not Turkey gets bogged down.

Has Turkey’s Gulenist witch hunt spiraled out of control?

Monday, Aug. 29, 2016 | Kadri Gursel, Columnist

The Turkish government’s post-putsch witch hunt is seeking to eliminate Gulenists from both government offices and public life, pushing the limits of rationality and upending hundreds of thousands of lives.

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Kadri Gursel

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Kadri Gursel is a columnist for Al-Monitor's Turkey Pulse and Turkish daily Cumhuriyet. His main focuses are Turkish foreign policy, international affairs, press freedom, Turkey’s Kurdish question, as well as Turkey’s evolving political Islam and its national and regional impacts. He wrote a column for the Turkish daily Milliyet between 2007 and July 2015. Gursel also worked for the Agence France-Presse for nearly five years, between 1993-1997 as an İstanbul based correspondent. While at the AFP, he was kidnapped by Kurdish militants in 1995. He recounted his misadventures at the hands of the PKK in his book titled “Dağdakiler” (Those of the Mountains) published in 1996. Twitter: @KadriGursel

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