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A general view shows security forces in front of al-Swaqa prison near Amman, Feb. 4, 2015. (photo by REUTERS/Muhammad Hamed)

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Jordan's mass execution revives debate on death penalty

Friday, Mar. 10, 2017 | Hannah Patchett, Contributor

The swift execution of 15 men in one day raised controversy in Jordan, and some analysts view this move as a message that the kingdom is actively fighting terrorists.

Why Jordan’s plan to integrate Syrian refugees into workforce has faltered

Tuesday, Jul. 5, 2016 | Hannah Patchett, Contributor

The Jordanian government’s plan to issue free work permits to Syrian refugees has not produced the desired results.

High school cheating scandal extends through Jordan, Sudan, Egypt

Thursday, May. 12, 2016 | Hannah Patchett, Contributor

A group of Jordanian high school students were caught cheating during exams in Sudan, sparking a diplomatic crisis between Amman and Khartoum that pulled Egypt into the mess as well.

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Hannah Patchett

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Hannah Patchett is a journalist and producer based in Amman. She has worked across the Middle East for local and international media outlets and holds master’s degrees from Cambridge University and the University of Sydney. 

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