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Russian President Vladimir Putin shakes hands with Iranian President Hassan Rouhani during a joint news conference following their meeting at the Kremlin, Moscow, March 28, 2017.  (photo by REUTERS/Sergei Karpukhin)

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Second-term Rouhani likely to move closer to Russia

Monday, Jun. 12, 2017 | Hamidreza Azizi, Contributor

Increasing multilateral and bilateral cooperation suggests that Iran and Russia may be on the path of eventually achieving a strategic partnership.

Why Iran wants 'de-escalation' zones in Syria

Wednesday, May. 24, 2017 | Hamidreza Azizi, Contributor

While the establishment of "safe zones" has never been part of Russia's or Iran’s plans, their agreement to create "de-escalation zones" at this juncture serves the interests of both countries.

Will US missile strike shift Iran-Russia partnership in Syria?

Wednesday, Apr. 12, 2017 | Hamidreza Azizi, Contributor

The US military strike on a Syrian air base has created room at the table for more Russian and Iranian cooperation in Syria as the last allies of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad standing.

5 reasons to watch Rouhani’s visit to Russia

Monday, Mar. 27, 2017 | Hamidreza Azizi, Contributor

Iran’s President Hassan Rouhani is in Moscow for his first official visit to Russia.

Why are Syrian rebels stepping up efforts to isolate Iran?

Wednesday, Feb. 1, 2017 | Hamidreza Azizi, Contributor

The Syrian rebels’ rejection of Iran as a guarantor of the cease-fire in Syria is about much more than simple anti-Iranian sentiment among Sunni militants.

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Hamidreza Azizi

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Hamidreza Azizi is an assistant professor of regional studies at Shahid Beheshti University and a member of the scientific board at the Iran and Eurasia Studies Institute (IRAS) in Tehran. On Twitter: @HamidRezaAz

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