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An Egyptian military armored personnel carrier patrols a street in the Sheikh Zowied town near Rafah, in northern Sinai, Egypt, May 20, 2013. (photo by MOHAMED EL-SHAHED/AFP/Getty Images)

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Sinai tribes take up arms against IS

Monday, May. 15, 2017 | George Mikhail, Contributor

Tribes in northern Sinai have joined the fight against Wilayat Sinai, raising questions about the state’s monopoly on weapons.

Is Egypt's Gamaa Islamiya returning to political life?

Wednesday, May. 10, 2017 | George Mikhail, Contributor

Gamaa Islamiya’s political wing publicly launched its elections last month with the consent of Egypt's security apparatus, which raises questions about the return of the Islamist group to the political scene.

Journalists concerned with formation of Egypt's National Media Council

Monday, Apr. 24, 2017 | George Mikhail, Contributor

The National Media Council was formed without including any opposition figures, which raised concern over the freedom of the media and press under Egypt’s renewed state of emergency.

65 years later, fight to get female judges on Egypt's State Council continues

Thursday, Mar. 23, 2017 | George Mikhail, Contributor

For decades, Egyptian women have been banned from serving as judges on the country's State Council, but a recent parliamentary initiative gives them a glimmer of hope.

Can American PR companies improve Egypt's image in US?

Thursday, Mar. 30, 2017 | George Mikhail, Contributor

Egypt's intelligence agency has contracted with US public relations and lobbying firms to improve the Egyptian government's image in the United States, but will simple window dressing be enough?

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George Mikhail

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George Mikhail is a freelance journalist who specializes in minority and political issues. He graduated from Cairo University in 2009 and has worked for a number of Egyptian newspapers.

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