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Turkish soldiers stand at attention at Hoyuk military post on the border between Turkey and Syria near the southeastern city of Kilis, Turkey, March 2, 2017. (photo by REUTERS/Murad Sezer)

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How lucrative is Turkey’s defense industry?

Friday, May. 19, 2017 | Fehim Tastekin, Columnist

A permanent agenda item of Erdogan’s foreign travels is military cooperation and finding markets for Turkey’s defense industry products, but it's sometimes difficult to tell how much of the achievement touted in this area is real.

If push comes to shove, will Turkey defend Qatar against Iran?

Tuesday, May. 16, 2017 | Fehim Tastekin, Columnist

Turkey's main opposition party has lots of questions about what message Ankara would be sending to Iran, and others, by deploying troops in Qatar.

How are Iraq's Yazidis faring amid Kurds' confrontations?

Tuesday, May. 9, 2017 | Fehim Tastekin, Columnist

Turkey’s bombing of Yazidis' Sinjar homeland deepened the argument between the Kurdish Democratic Party and the Kurdistan Workers Party.

Is Turkey trying to disrupt Raqqa operation?

Thursday, Apr. 27, 2017 | Fehim Tastekin, Columnist

In the lead-up to President Erdogan's Washington visit next month, Turkey's recent air attacks in Syria and Iraq might be a message that Turkey intends to play a more involved role in those countries.

How does Muslim world view Erdogan's referendum win?

Wednesday, Apr. 19, 2017 | Fehim Tastekin, Columnist

Turkey's referendum, which gave rise to fresh debate with the West, is also likely to affect Turkey's relations with the East, especially the Middle East.

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Fehim Tastekin

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Fehim Tastekin is a Turkish journalist and a columnist for Turkey Pulse who previously wrote for Radikal and Hurriyet. He has also been the host of the weekly program "SINIRSIZ," on IMC TV. As an analyst, Tastekin specializes in Turkish foreign policy and Caucasus, Middle East and EU affairs. He is the author of “Suriye: Yikil Git, Diren Kal,” “Rojava: Kurtlerin Zamani” and “Karanlık Coktugunde - ISID.” Tastekin is founding editor of the Agency Caucasus. On Twitter: @fehimtastekin

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