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A view shows the eastern entrance to the town of Tell Abyad of Raqqa governorate, June 15, 2015.  (photo by REUTERS/Rodi Said)

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Turkey still determined to play role in final Raqqa assault

Tuesday, Mar. 21, 2017 | Fehim Taştekin, Columnist

Will a Turkish-sponsored army of 50 Arab tribes actually materialize in Syria, or is Turkey just rattling its saber regarding the Raqqa offensive?

How deep is Turkey's Sinjar entanglement?

Tuesday, Mar. 7, 2017 | Fehim Taştekin, Columnist

Soon after speaking with Turkey's president, Kurdistan Regional Government leader Massoud Barzani dispatched peshmerga forces to Sinjar, Iraq, which led to a clash between Kurdish forces.

Will Turkey attack Kurds in Manbij or move on to Raqqa?

Wednesday, Mar. 1, 2017 | Fehim Taştekin, Columnist

Now that the Syrian army has blocked the road from al-Bab to Raqqa, Turkey may instead assault Manbij, which won’t be easy.

Is Iran-Turkey tension intentional?

Friday, Feb. 24, 2017 | Fehim Taştekin, Columnist

Turkey, while seeking to access Gulf funds and boost its defense industry exports, has risked economic relations with Iran — but the risk could also hold opportunity.

Is Erdogan promising a ghost army in Syria?

Friday, Feb. 17, 2017 | Fehim Taştekin, Columnist

Erdogan promises to set up a “national army” in the area to be cleansed from the Islamic State in northern Syria, but with the combat assets available to him, never mind a national army, even a force to secure the cleansed area will not be easy.

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Fehim Taştekin

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Fehim Taştekin is a Turkish journalist and a columnist for Turkey Pulse who previously wrote for Turkish newspapers Radikal and Hurriyet. He was the host of a weekly program called "SINIRSIZ" on IMC TV. He is an analyst specializing in Turkish foreign policy, and Caucasus, Middle East and EU affairs. He is the author of “Suriye: Yıkıl Git, Diren Kal”, “Rojava: Kürtlerin Zamanı” and “Karanlık Çöktüğünde - IŞİD”. Tastekin was also the founding editor of Agency Caucasus. On Twitter: @fehimtastekin

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