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Protesters shout slogans against a deal ceding Egyptian sovereignty over two Red Sea islands to Saudi Arabia that was being debated in parliament in Cairo, June 13, 2017. Parliamentary approval of the deal was announced the next day. The banner reads "Two Red Sea Islands are Egyptian." (photo by REUTERS/Mohamed Abd El Ghany)

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Egypt's legislature thumbs nose at court, approves islands deal

Monday, Jun. 19, 2017 | Ayah Aman, Contributor

Egypt’s parliament shoved through approval of a deal to transfer Tiran and Sanafir islands to Saudi Arabia, but experts say the move violates the constitution and is likely to fuel public resentment.

Egypt’s role in the push to cut off Qatar

Thursday, Jun. 8, 2017 | Ayah Aman, Contributor

With three Gulf states revolting against Qatar's regional policies, Egypt has found the perfect opportunity to sever ties with Qatar after four years of political bickering.

Mining companies in no rush to exploit Egypt's gold

Monday, Jun. 5, 2017 | Ayah Aman, Contributor

Egypt's deserts are thought to hold an abundance of gold, but the government needs to find companies willing to pick up the cost of exploration and production.

Is Pope Francis' Egypt visit new beginning for Vatican-Azhar ties?

Monday, May. 1, 2017 | Ayah Aman, Contributor

With the visit of Pope Francis to Cairo on April 28-29, ties between the Vatican and Al-Azhar have been strengthened, putting interfaith dialogue high on the agenda of the Christian and Muslim representatives.

Glory days for Cairo's hammams have returned

Tuesday, Apr. 25, 2017 | Ayah Aman, Contributor

High beauty care prices have driven Egyptian women to traditional bathhouses not only for personal hygiene but also for rest and relaxation at an affordable price.

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Ayah Aman

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Ayah Aman is an Egyptian journalist for Al-Shorouk specializing in Africa and the Nile Basin, Turkey and Iran and Egyptian social issues. On Twitter: @ayahaman

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