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People shop during the holy month of Ramadan in rebel-held city of Idlib, Syria, June 8, 2017.  (photo by REUTERS/Ammar Abdullah)

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Syrian war has reshaped Ramadan for many

Monday, Jun. 12, 2017 | Asaad Hanna, Contributor

Since the Syrian regime lost control of Idlib in 2015, the city has become a melting pot of Ramadan traditions, as residents and refugees adapt to new lives.

Syrian regime evacuates civilians from Homs' last rebel-held area

Monday, Apr. 17, 2017 | Asaad Hanna, Contributor

After a deal was struck between the Syrian regime and opposition forces in the al-Waer neighborhood of Homs, waves of newly displaced are headed for Jarablus, al-Bab and Idlib.

Thousands flee Aleppo as regime regains control

Tuesday, Dec. 20, 2016 | Asaad Hanna, Contributor

Three years after the opposition took control of Aleppo’s eastern neighborhoods, the Syrian regime’s army, with the help of foreign militias, entered the city and began evacuating civilians to the city’s countryside.

Educating Syrian refugees still a challenge in Turkey

Friday, Nov. 11, 2016 | Asaad Hanna, Contributor

Syrian refugee children in Turkey are being educated in a variety of government, private and religious schools.

Is new strategy needed for fighting IS in Syria?

Thursday, Jul. 28, 2016 | Asaad Hanna, Contributor

In an interview with Al-Monitor, a senior member of the New Syrian Army, Abdulsalam Muzil, talks about his force’s achievements and what's to come in the battle against the Islamic State.

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Asaad Hanna

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Asaad Hanna is a Syrian civil society and human rights activist and an economics graduate from Damascus University.

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