Amjad Yaghi

Photographer Fadi Thabet's "Mona Lisa of Gaza," which shows a girl with red hair and pale skin, was displayed at the artist's exhibition in Gaza Port, Gaza Strip, July 12, 2017. (photo by Fadi Thabet)

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Palestinian photographer devotes decade to capturing life in Gaza

Tuesday, Jul. 25, 2017 | Amjad Yaghi, Contributor

An exhibition of 1,000 photographs shows the work of Palestinian photographer Fadi Thabet, who has worked for 10 years to capture the beauty of the people in the Gaza Strip.

Gazan sword-maker sharpens his blade to protect his craft

Friday, Jun. 30, 2017 | Amjad Yaghi, Contributor

The Abu Wadi family has been making swords for hundreds of years, but will the disappearing trade see the next generation?

Gaza becoming unexpected destination for Egyptian jobseekers

Sunday, Jun. 25, 2017 | Amjad Yaghi, Contributor

After the pound's depreciation against the US dollar, some Egyptian workers are fleeing the difficult economic conditions in their country to work in the Gaza Strip so they can send money to their families back home.

Jerusalem artist determined to keep puppets on stage

Sunday, May. 21, 2017 | Amjad Yaghi, Contributor

Jerusalemite artist Abdel Salam Abdo pulls the strings in the Arab world to ensure that puppet shows are not a dying art.

How this mentoring program is empowering young Arab women

Tuesday, Apr. 4, 2017 | Amjad Yaghi, Contributor

The Big Sister/Little Sister guidance program launched in the Gaza Strip and Beirut helps young girls talk about social issues and empowers them to overcome harsh societal challenges in their lives.

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Amjad Yaghi

Connect with Amjad

Amjad Yaghi is a Palestinian journalist residing in Gaza. He has worked as a correspondent for several Arab newspapers and magazines, including the Lebanese Al-Akhbar and Al-Araby al-Jadeed, as well as for Karbala Satellite TV, Qatar Television and Amwaj Sport. Yaghi has won four local awards for investigative reporting on corruption and violations of women and children's rights in Gaza and was nominated in 2015 for an Arab Journalism Award in the youth category.

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