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Yahya Sinwar (C), the new leader of Hamas in the Gaza Strip, arrives for the opening of a new mosque in Rafah town in the southern Gaza Strip on Feb. 24, 2017. (photo by GETTY/Said Khatib)

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Iran pulls Palestine from the margins

Sunday, Feb. 26, 2017 | Week in Review

The Iranian leadership turns out in force for Palestinian conference; Turkey’s victory in al-Bab may be a prelude to a showdown with the Syrian Kurds.

Erdogan banks on motley crew of Syrian armed groups

Sunday, Feb. 19, 2017 | Week in Review

Turkey’s Syria partners seen as "ill-disciplined, untrained and inexperienced"; Erodgan links opposition to referendum to coup plotters; Mattis rules out US-Russia military cooperation "for now."

Turkey walks fine line in dealing with 'frenemy' jihadis

Sunday, Feb. 12, 2017 | Week in Review

Turkey’s mixed messages in crackdown terrorist groups; Ankara on sidelines, again, in Syria; Syrian Kurds consider federalism, view Turkish attack on al-Bab as "fiasco."

Is Erdogan’s Syria policy slipping through his fingers?

Sunday, Feb. 5, 2017 | Week in Review

Syrian Kurds may dash Turkish president’s expectations for US President Donald Trump.

Why did Russia offer autonomy for Syria’s Kurds?

Sunday, Jan. 29, 2017 | Week in Review

Draft constitution from Russia seeks to decentralize Syrian state authority, limit presidential powers; Turkish forces struggle in two-front campaign against both the Islamic State and Syrian Kurds; Al-Monitor offers in-depth reporting on Syrian Kurdish region.

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