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The aftermath of an explosion is seen at a Coptic church in Tanta, Egypt, April 9, 2017. (photo by REUTERS/Mohamed Abd El Ghany)

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Egypt's Copts have no plans to arm youth groups

Thursday, Jul. 6, 2017 | Ahmed Fouad, Contributor

Before the news was shown to be false, jumpy Egyptians were unnerved by a report about Christian youth groups receiving military training to protect their churches.

Egypt steps up efforts to extradite Brotherhood fugitives from UK

Sunday, Jun. 18, 2017 | Ahmed Fouad, Contributor

With the recent terrorist attacks in England, Egypt is hoping Britain will change its stance and agree to extradite members of the Muslim Brotherhood, which Egypt considers a terrorist group.

Following discrimination claims, Egypt's Al-Azhar enrolls Christian medical resident

Thursday, Jun. 1, 2017 | Ahmed Fouad, Contributor

Egypt’s Al-Azhar University, the renowned seat of Islamic education, has gained attention for accepting a Christian medical student for a residency program.

Pope Francis' Egypt visit could spark Sunni-Shiite dialogue

Tuesday, May. 16, 2017 | Ahmed Fouad, Contributor

Following Pope Francis’ visit to Egypt and his meetings with Sheikh Ahmed al-Tayeb and Pope Tawadros II, calls for Sunni-Shiite dialogue have been revived.

Is an 'Arab NATO' in the works?

Wednesday, Mar. 8, 2017 | Ahmed Fouad, Contributor

Reports claim that the US administration is currently discussing the formation of a joint Arab force with Arab countries, an idea Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi had suggested before.

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Ahmed Fouad

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Ahmed Fouad is an Egyptian journalist working as newsroom assistant manager for Al-Shorouk. He specializes in coverage of Islamists and analysis of the political situation in Egypt, especially after June 30, 2013.

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