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Hamas chief Ismail Haniyeh gestures during a news conference in Gaza City, Gaza Strip, May 11, 2017. (photo by REUTERS/Mohammed Salem)

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Saudi gamble on Hamas could pay off, or enrich rival Iran

Monday, Aug. 21, 2017 | Ahmad Melhem, Contributor

The Saudis are increasing pressure on Hamas, which might win them points with US President Donald Trump and Israel, but drive the Palestinian movement and its allies toward Iran.

PA-Jordan coordination takes shape in wake of Al-Aqsa crisis

Friday, Aug. 18, 2017 | Ahmad Melhem, Contributor

One of the outcomes of a major meeting between Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas and Jordan’s King Abdullah was an agreement to form a crisis committee to coordinate the positions of both countries regarding incidents at Jerusalem's holy sites.

Japan comes to the rescue of Gaza's hospitals

Monday, Aug. 14, 2017 | Ahmad Melhem, Contributor

With funding from the Japan International Cooperation Agency, and in collaboration with the Palestinian Ministry of Health, solar panels will be installed in Gaza's hospitals to provide electricity to vital care units.

Religious, not political leaders guided Jerusalem through Aqsa crisis

Tuesday, Aug. 8, 2017 | Ahmad Melhem, Contributor

Respected religious authorities dominated the protest movement and did much of the organizing during the past few weeks of crisis at Al-Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem.

Gaza set to become scene of Egypt-Qatar tug of war

Monday, Jul. 31, 2017 | Ahmad Melhem, Contributor

The Gaza Strip and Hamas are attracting attention from both sides as the Gulf crisis grows, but they might have to choose between longtime supporter Qatar on one side and the UAE, Egypt and Mohammed Dahlan on the other.

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Ahmad Melhem

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Ahmad Melhem is a Palestinian journalist and photographer based in Ramallah for Al-Watan News. He writes for a number of Arabic outlets.

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