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Pictures of Palestinian Hamas militants held in Israeli jails are seen through a fence during a rally marking Palestinian Prisoner Day, in Gaza City, April 17, 2016. (photo by REUTERS/Mohammed Salem)

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PA cuts salaries to Hamas prisoners

Friday, Jun. 23, 2017 | Ahmad Melhem, Contributor

The Palestinian Authority is exerting more pressure on Hamas with its latest move cutting off the allowances of former prisoners affiliated with the Gaza group.

Palestinians optimistic as Jordan border crossing set to open 24/7

Friday, Jun. 16, 2017 | Ahmad Melhem, Contributor

Israel has agreed to open the Allenby (King Hussein) border crossing into Jordan around the clock following bilateral negotiations with the Palestinians.

Saudi-Hamas relations on verge of complete rupture

Tuesday, Jun. 13, 2017 | Ahmad Melhem, Contributor

Relations between Saudi Arabia and the Hamas movement in the Gaza Strip are witnessing deep tension that risks further escalation in light of the Arab nation's decision to cut ties with Qatar, one of Hamas’ main financial backers.

New chapter begins in Israel-Palestine water dispute

Friday, Jun. 9, 2017 | Ahmad Melhem, Contributor

After a suspension of seven years, the Israeli-Palestinian Joint Water Committee is reconvening, but will Palestine finally get a fair share of water?

Where does Hamas' policy document leave Islamic Jihad?

Monday, May. 15, 2017 | Ahmad Melhem, Contributor

Despite strong bilateral ties, differences over the new policy document emerged between Hamas and Islamic Jihad, raising questions on the future of their relations.

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Ahmad Melhem

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Ahmad Melhem is a Palestinian journalist and photographer based in Ramallah for Al-Watan News. He writes for a number of Arabic outlets.

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