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Some of the sweets made at Abu Salha Sweets, which hires many women to work in its factory. Posted Feb. 1, 2017. (photo by Facebook/Abosalhaa)

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Palestinian women earn sweet money as pastry chefs

Sunday, Jul. 23, 2017 | Ahmad Abu Amer, Contributor

Once considered taboo, women take over pastry-making in West Bank sweets factory.

Cybercrime law draws mixed reactions among Palestinians

Thursday, Jul. 6, 2017 | Ahmad Abu Amer, Contributor

Victims hope a new cybercrime law will help them gain rights, get fair compensation and receive legal protection, but some Palestinians fear the law will constitute a tool of repression.

Gazans denounce claims Hamas is training extremists in Libya

Thursday, Jun. 22, 2017 | Ahmad Abu Amer, Contributor

Accusations by the spokesman of the forces of retired Maj. Gen. Khalifa Hifter that Hamas has provided technical support to some armed groups in Libya are rebutted and mocked by Palestinians amid a lack of evidence of Hamas’ involvement in the North African country.

The resurgence of Palestinian tribalism

Thursday, May. 25, 2017 | Ahmad Abu Amer, Contributor

The Palestinian local elections held May 13 showed that Palestinians voted for tribal and independent lists instead of political lists, giving serious cause for concern.

Gaza citizens remain biggest losers of decadelong political dispute

Tuesday, May. 16, 2017 | Ahmad Abu Amer, Contributor

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas issued a decree exempting Gazans from fees for services that the Palestinian Authority provides, and that the Hamas-run treasury collects.

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Ahmad Abu Amer

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Ahmad Abu Amer is a Palestinian writer and journalist who has worked for a number of local and international media outlets. He is co-author of a book on the Gaza blockade for the Turkish Anadolu Agency. He holds a master’s degree from the Islamic University of Gaza.

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