Beirut's heritage buildings threatened by urbanization

Monday, Apr. 24, 2017 | Florence Massena, Contributor

Activists in Lebanon are demanding new laws to preserve heritage buildings, as chaotic urban planning and archaic laws are leading to the disappearance of Beirut’s oldest houses.

Hezbollah’s No. 2: US strike on Syria mere ‘muscle flexing'

Thursday, Apr. 13, 2017 | Ali Rizk, Contributor

In an exclusive interview with Al-Monitor, Sheikh Naim Qassem, the deputy secretary-general of Hezbollah in Lebanon, spoke about the US military strikes on a Syrian air base and Israel and its potential moves in the region among other things.

Storytellers create intimate space in bustling Beirut

Tuesday, Apr. 11, 2017 | Stefania D'Ignoti, Contributor

The old Arab tradition of storytelling is finding its way back into Lebanese hearts, and regular events are becoming increasingly popular in Beirut.

Documentary sews Palestinian narrative through women's eyes

Monday, Apr. 10, 2017 | Florence Massena, Contributor

“Stitching Palestine,” a documentary film, adopts a motif of traditional Palestinian embroidery to focus on the lives of 12 Palestinian women who are all living in exile, and what Palestine means to them.

What role should EU have in resolving Syria crisis?

Tuesday, Mar. 28, 2017 | Ali Rizk, Contributor

In an interview with Al-Monitor, Marisa Matias, the chair of the delegation of the European Parliament for relations with the Mashreq countries, speaks about the EU’s role in the Syrian conflict, while tackling the refugee crisis and ways the EU is helping host countries, like Jordan and Lebanon, deal with the massive influx of displaced Syrians.

Once again, disputes delay Lebanese elections

Monday, Mar. 27, 2017 | Haytham Mouzahem, Contributor

Unless Lebanese politicians overcome their differences — or at least ignore them long enough to hold elections — the country could face another legislative vacuum.

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