IDF hopes to reach Palestinian youth directly with new online show

Friday, Jul. 21, 2017 | Shlomi Eldar, Columnist

The Coordination of Government Activities in the Territories has launched a video magazine to show Palestinians a different side of Israeli society.

The Israeli Labor Party's mysterious new leader

Friday, Jul. 21, 2017 | Mazal Mualem, Columnist

Despite the popularity that got him elected, Labor's new chair, Avi Gabbay, is an enigma in Tel Aviv.

Fatah officials defy Abbas on Temple Mount crisis

Thursday, Jul. 20, 2017 | Shlomi Eldar, Columnist

With Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas’ visiting China, senior Fatah leaders and activists moved to escalate the crisis on the Temple Mount.

For a two-state solution, Israel must say bye-bye to Bibi

Thursday, Jul. 20, 2017 | Akiva Eldar, Columnist

Only if Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is indicted and steps down from his position will the two-state solution have a chance at becoming reality.

Why Netanyahu loves playing foreign minister

Wednesday, Jul. 19, 2017 | Mazal Mualem, Columnist

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu dedicates much time and effort to meetings with world leaders while sidelining the most important issue for Israel: the conflict with the Palestinians.

Netanyahu puts Trump on notice over Syria

Wednesday, Jul. 19, 2017 | Ben Caspit, Columnist

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu publicly challenged US President Donald Trump in announcing his opposition to the cease-fire agreement for southern Syria brokered with Russia.

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