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Egyptian film about revolutions soon in cinemas

Monday, Jun. 5, 2017 | David Awad, Contributor

Egyptians disagree over whether or not there is sufficient documentation available to produce a film depicting the political conflicts that led to the January 25 Revolution and the ousting of President Mohammed Morsi following the June 30, 2013, protests.

Turkish town gets ready to smell the roses

Friday, Jun. 2, 2017 | Aylin Oney Tan, Contributor

The Turkish town of Isparta is in the midst of this year's rose harvest, a flower the Ottomans revered for its fragrance, taste and medicinal qualities.

This young Iranian rapper may have cost Raisi the presidency

Thursday, Jun. 1, 2017 | Holly Dagres, Contributor

Iranians wonder whether hard-line presidential candidate Ebrahim Raisi’s attempt to attract young voters by meeting with an underground rapper cost him the election.

'The Ottoman Lieutenant' loses box office war

Tuesday, May. 30, 2017 | Riada Asimovic Akyol, Contributor

“The Ottoman Lieutenant,” the first Hollywood production to reflect Turkey’s perspective on the Armenian genocide, has been criticized both for its outlook and its artistic merit.

Iraqi comedian gets political

Friday, May. 26, 2017 | Omar al-Jaffal, Contributor

By mocking outdated customs or mimicking politicians in Iraq, Ahmad Wahid is entering uncharted territories with his stand-up comedy.

Lebanon’s female graphic designers draw battle lines

Thursday, May. 25, 2017 | Florence Massena, Contributor

Women dominate the graphic design scene in Lebanon, but their work is more valued abroad than at home.

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